Family Tree DNA
Family Tree DNA

What is is a family tree research company that uses DNA to find all biological relationships between clients and accessible DNA libraries. What it does is goes beyond standard familial lines as we know them, and sets off to find out who is related to you through DNA sequencing.

As such, you might be surprised to find out that some of your ancestors could be from totally different parts of the world and that you have a genetic relationship with people when you only visited their country when traveling on holiday or business, or perhaps live next door to.

DNA sequencing goes beyond color, race, and religion, it is biological and doesn’t have borders, as such, through DNA sequencing you find out what you are made up from, and how your ancestors might have traveled and mated to lead to you eventually.

Their Site

The site is a professional site, designed for both clients and scientists alike. It mixes terminologies and provides explanations as well as scientific documentation. İt also provides easy navigation and is managed by a highly skilled team of dedicated DNA research specialists including physicians, geneticists, and business people, that all have a passion for breaking down the barriers of ignorance. The site has a full glossary of terms which is very useful to understand the more complex terminology.

Their Services

The FTDNA services provide three categories of the find; these are Family Finder, Fathers Line, and Mothers Line. You get to choose different kit options, and if you don’t understand which one is for you, the best thing to do is contact the team via their online contact form.

The basics for each category are:

Family Finder

This test focuses on the autosomal DNA; this DNA is inherited from both parents and the four grandparents. It continues to expand the farther back you go, doubling with each step. This test is accurate to within five generations and also gives you an ethnic makeup percentage too.

Male only history


Female only history



As you can see, you can perform one or more of three different tests. The longest test is the maternal one, where you can go as far back as 52 generations. You might find out that you are related to everyone on the planet, and all the world of bigotry and race hatred, religious violence, and color are just a sham…since you might find out you have a bit of everything inside you.

The bottom line is this; if you want to find out more about your past and don’t have a family history to use, taking one of Family Tree DNA Coupons will put you in touch with a potential list of biological cousins you never knew existed, and for orphans, might find out who your father and mother really were.