Coupons are not new; they predate the digital era, as well as the automobile era coupons, have been around for as long as retailers have opened up shop. A coupon is a discount trick used by retailers to lure the buyer into their store with the hope and intention that the user will buy more than one item as defined by the coupon. Since most shoppers are not coupon savvy, sure they carry a lot of coupons around, but do not utilize them to maximum benefit, I have prepared a two section review snapshot of what mistakes are made, and what tips and tricks can be used.

7 Coupon Mistakes

Never use a coupon on a full priced item. This is the first mistake users make, pick out a discounted item on sale that allows for a combination of discount and coupon, and extend the discount with a coupon.

Only buy when there is a sale. You might think that $1 coupon discount code gives you the same result when buying on a sale item, but that’s not true. There are sales, and there are extreme sales. If you can find the extreme sales items and use the coupon, do so.

Brand loyalty is a mistake; unless the flavor and texture factors are so acute, you cannot change to use a coupon for a different brand.

Don’t use every coupon you have. Check out the coupon history of the product, and if possible, wait for a better coupon deal to come out.

Don’t buy every deal that appears; deals are not there to save you money, they are there to make money for the store.

Don’t cut each coupon individually, stack them up and then cut them as a block.

Don’t waste ink on printing coupons you might never use. Be particular and think if you intend to use a specific coupon or not.

Coupons Users Tips & Tricks

Always plan, prepare the coupons per store and don’t dither about, focus on your target products, get them, buy them and get out.

Know your item prices, and there are four such prices;

  1. The Average Price which is a weighted average of all the identical item in different stores. This is the price you should use the coupons with in most cases.
  2. The Maximum Price which is the highest price a store offers the same item you can find elsewhere.
  3. The Deal Price is a sales or discounted price of an item in a specific store.
  4. The Stock-Up Price is the lowest price you will ever get, and this is when you use your coupon, and buy as many as you can.

Prepare the coupons in order, so that it’s easy to check the products out.

Collect as many coupons as you can for a specific item you prefer.

Always know your store’s policies for coupons, don’t wait to find out at the checkout counter when it’s too late.

Stack coupons using the store’s coupons and the manufacturer’s coupons for the same item, whenever possible.

  • Always accept and collect the store rebate booklets.
  • Always sign up for store savings cards.
  • Always stockpile items you use a lot, watch out for the shelf life.
  • Donate items you don’t need, or coupons you won’t use.
  • Focus your shopping into small lots, and don’t waste time in any one location.
  • Always check online for alternative coupon outlets.