The increasing use of the latest technologies while using a Smartphone or other smart mobile devices like laptops and tablets it has become necessary to control children as they can misuse these devices if there is no check on them. Although the devices were designed to help people improve their quality of life. Most people, especially children, abuse this facility.

Do you need child control in today’s world?

Parents provide mobile phones to their children to remain in touch with them, but most children use their device for chatting with their friends, as well as accessing websites with adult materials. Such things distract them from their studies. These are the main reasons for which one has to control his child by using a free android keylogger.

What kind of child control is possible today?

You can control your child by keeping an eye on the usage of his mobile phone by using an android keylogger like Snoopza. An android keylogger can help the parents in keeping a record of the incoming and outgoing calls as well as messages, websites visited by them, as well as information shared by them through social media platforms and other apps like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, etc. A keylogger can also allow you to know about the use of keys of the mobile phone. You will know the message typed by your child on his mobile phone with the help of this app.

Why is it convenient to use the Snoopza spy app?

It is very convenient to use the spy app Snoopza for keeping a vigilant eye on the use of android devices by your children as this phone tracking app can be installed for free on the target device very easily. This free mobile phone monitoring app can be used for tracking the location of the mobile phone, recording calls, use of its cameras, viewing text, audio, and video messages, taking screenshots, activities on the internet and social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Telegram and Skype, etc.

What are the main features of the free spy app that will be useful for parents?

Though you can download and install a spy app for free, you can use some of its main features for free. These features may include:

Track Calls: You can track the incoming and outgoing calls on the mobile phone of your child.

Manage SMS: You can track the SMS messages sent and received on his/her phone.

Track History of Internet Usage: It also allows you to track the history of using the internet on their phone.

Geolocation Feature: This feature allows you to track the location of the mobile phone as well as your child

What are the paid features of the Snoopza Spyware app?

Spyware apps like Snoopza etc. offer certain advanced features to the parents after paying a nominal fee. These paid features include:

Record Calls: You can record the calls made and received on the android phone of your kids.

Viber spy: This feature records the activities of your child on the Viber social network.

Facebook spy: You can track the activities of your child on his Facebook account.

WhatsApp spy: You can use this feature to know about his usage of this communication application.

Snapchat spy: This feature allows you to know the usage of this platform by your child to communicate and sharing messages with his friends

Screenshots: This feature allows you to intercept important information by creating screenshots of the android phone.

Check Contacts: This feature allows you to check the contact list on the phone of your child.

Stealth Mode: This feature allows you to track any mobile phone without being visible to its owner or user.

Track To-do List: You can save the notes, and to-do lists created by the user makes in the calendar of the phone.

Track Camera: It allows you to unlock the screen of the phone or tablet of your child and track the screenshots and photos taken by him with the camera of his device.

Detect SIM card replace: This app can continue to work on the phone even if your child has replaced its SIM card

What do I need to know to install the application on my phone?

It is very easy to install a phone spy app like Snoopza on an android phone in a few easy steps to monitor the activities on it.

  • First of all, you will have to sign up at the official site of the app and open an online account for free through your email account and password.
  • Then you can use your account to install the spy app on the target Smartphone of your child within a few seconds.
  • Now you can start tracking the phone of your kid just by logging in on your online account. You can track the phone calls, location of the phone, SMS messages, screenshots, and history of web usage, etc.

The pros and cons of such a spy program


  • You can check the presence of your child in the classroom
  • You can check the location of your child especially if he is away from you for quite some time.
  • You can stop the access of your child’s phone to the pornographic sites
  • You can know who is making calls or sending text, audio or video messages on the phone of your child
  • You can improve the study habits of your child at home by reducing the usage of their phone for a limited period


  • Your child can felt that you do not trust him
  • He/she might consider it an invasion in his/her privacy.
  • The child can consider it as interference in his/her freedom
  • This monitoring can make your child feel muted and quite

Conclusions and results

Though the use of spy apps like Snoopza on the android devices of the kids can have a few drawbacks, still it is necessary to use a free android keylogger to keep any eye and controlling the misuse of these devices by them. It will help in improving their inclination towards studies and reducing their distraction by the unnecessary usage of social media platforms and other unwanted materials online.