Doordash Driver Sign Up Bonus Referral Code For New Drivers

Doordash Driver Sign Up Bonus Referral Code
Doordash Driver Sign Up Bonus Referral Code

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A Guide to Doordash Sign up

DoorDash is a Palo Alto, California based food delivery company. The app was developed as a platform for restaurants to sell their products via a delivery infrastructure managed by DoorDash. DoorDash provides online marketing to customers, driving customers to order food from their favorite restaurants via the app. The food ordered is then picked up and delivered by “Dashers,” DoorDash couriers that have the “dasher” app screens providing them with details of incoming orders and delivery locations.

DoorDash is the official delivery partner for Taco Bell and is found in over 300 cities around the US.

In one sentence: DoorDash is a three-tiered app that provides a larger consumer market to restaurants, access to more food options for consumers, and employment for “independent contractors” that are willing to be meal couriers.


DoorDash was founded by Andy Fang, Evan Moore, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu in 2013. Andy Xu is the company’s CEO. Since its inception, it has raised $722 million, and its lead investors are Sequoia Capital and SoftBank. As of March 2018, DoorDash passed the $1 billion value and is now estimated to be worth around $1.4 billion.


The triple win approach developed by DoorDash is not unique to their application, but they manage to provide a successful three-tiered win to all their clients. For DoorDash, there are three clients that they support, and earn income from:

Restaurant: As a partner on the platform, restaurants can upload their full menus with photos and edit prices. The restaurant screen gives the restaurant owner all the income data, including the number of orders made, the average order amount, the total income from orders, and more.

The restaurant staff will receive orders online in real-time, and they have to prepare hem for the “dasher” who will come and collect the order, paying for it with the “DoorDash” red card. On rare occasions when the red car is not working, payment is made directly from the DoorDash offices.

Restaurants pay 20-25% of their menu item cost as a fee for the services, which includes all the app infrastructure fees, delivery maintenance fees, and customer marketing costs.

Customer: The customer’s screen is a list of restaurants with a filter and search option and the ability to make up lists, retain data to previous orders, and more. The customer chooses a restaurant, picks the items from a menu, and creates a request for the order.

The customer pays a delivery fee, which is around $5 to $8 depending on the market. Customers are expected to tip their dashers since the dasher income is quite low and relies on tipping.

Dasher: The Dashers app is a delivery app, dashers have to pass screening when they apply for the service, and you must comply with the following requirements:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Have access to a vehicle or bicycle
  • Any car, truck, motorcycle, or scooter
  • Own an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Have a valid US Driver’s license
  • Have Valid insurance with your name on the policy
  • Provide a social security number for a background check
  • Pass a background and driving record check
  • Complete an orientation online or in-person

Dashers receive a minimum of $1 per delivery and tips, so that is why a dasher has to be prompt, reliable, and friendly.

The Dashers app is basically a map of the city or area they are working in. The Dasher receives a request that they must accept, and then they drive to the restaurant, pay for the order with their red card and deliver the order to the customer.

The DoorDash App

To order a meal, you must first download the DoorDash app to your smartphone; either iPhone or Android, is OK. Once you have downloaded the app, you then activate it and provide your details which include your name, address, contact information, and payment details. You can always edit this information at a later date.

To order, you scroll through the restaurants in your area, or pick any restaurant you want, taking into account the delivery time and costs involved. Also, remember that your home address is not the default delivery address, so when ordering from any location, make sure to place the location you want to receive the meal when ordering.

Once you have picked your order and placed it, the DoorDash system goes into play. The restaurant receives the order first and prepares it, a dasher is called to pick up the order from the restaurant and will check the order on site. You will be notified if there are any missing items, so you can request either a replacement or cancel the order. If the order is OK, the dasher will most probably notify you that they are on the way, if you live in a complex of buildings or have a security code or any form of security that the dasher needs to overcome, you should then go down to collect the order from the main entrance, it will speed up the delivery.

Dashing for DoorDash the App

A quick guide

Signing up to drive for DoorDash is simple; all applicants must pass a background check and meet the basic requirements that were listed above.

Downloading the Dasher App

The dasher app is not available in the Apple app store, so iPhone users have to download it via the DoorDash site:

Setup your Red Card

DoorDash gives all its Dashers a company debit card to be used solely for buying the order at the restaurant. They cannot be used for personal expenses, such as filling up gas.

Update Vehicle Information

From the “account” screen you choose the “vehicle” option from the menu:

When you add or replace a vehicle, always include the make, model and year so DoorDash can verify your vehicle’s basic requirements as defined by the city you work in.

You can change the vehicle you are using by choosing the transportation type/. You remove a vehicle by tapping “Remove Vehicle” and then pressing “save” at the bottom of the screen.

Dasher Ratings

Yes, Dashers get rated just like Uber, and Lyft drivers get rated. These ratings are updated every 100 deliveries, so if you are a serious Dasher, make sure you follow the basic KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which are based on the customer’s star ratings.

Punctuality; Always be on time, if there is a delay or an issue with an order, communicate this to the customer.

Communication; Always communicate your delivery status to the customer after receiving the order from the restaurant. Also, make sure that any issues are dealt with, vis the customer’s decisions.

Courtesy; Even when you are raging bull angry, take three deep breaths, and then talk calmly. Angry customers are a pain in the behind, but they are the customer. You can always complain to DoorDash afterward. When it comes to restaurant behavior, you can also relay this to DoorDash too, but at all times remember to stay calm and remember to smile when delivering any face to face information.

How do the ratings affect a Dasher?

If you go below your cities star ratings, you will be deactivated. You will be notified by DoorDash when your ratings are getting low.

Ratings Understood

There are four ratings that make up the overall picture; these are:

  • Customer Rate: This is the rating a customer will give a dasher.
  • Acceptance Rate: This is the number of orders accepted and delivered.
  • Cancellation rate: This is the number of orders the Dasher or the Customer Cancelled.
  • Completion Rate: This is the combination of the Acceptance and Cancellation rates tallied up.

Here is a list of ratings per rating Type

Customer Ratings

Five is perfect

4.99 to 4.70 is high

4.69 to 4.30 is medium

4.29 to 4.20 is love

Anything under 4.2 is very low.

Acceptance rating

100% is perfect

99 to 80% is high

79 to 50% is medium

49 to 25% is love

Anything under 25% is very low

Completion Rating

100% is perfect

99 to 90% is high

89 to 80% is medium

79 to 70% is love

Anything under 70% is very low

To Sum Up

DoorDash can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection using any smartphone or PC.

The system allows you to pre-order up to 4 days in advance. The whole order and distribution system is processed online. The company provides corporate as well as large event catering services.

It is a competitor to GrubHub and UberEats.

The company pays bonuses for referrals.

Customers can track their orders on the app, and Dashers rely on good service as well as a good customer to earn a decent income.

This app is well worth downloading besides UberEats and GrubHub, these three make up the holy trinity of food delivery apps, and DoorDash is an excellent app to work with.