When building a website, many people take to Google to find the cheapest hosting provider. While saving money on hosting may seem like a good idea at first, there are some important factors that should be considered before making this decision. Finding a great hosting provider can be compared to online dating. If you want to have a sustainable relationship, you can’t settle for the easiest or cheapest option. This is true when looking for a significant other and a hosting provider. Having a successful relationship with a hosting provider begins with identifying the best provider for your needs.

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Many people struggle to understand the best strategies for finding a reliable hosting provider. To continue the online dating metaphor, setting high standards is the best way to find a great provider. High standards don’t necessarily mean that you’ll end up with an expensive hosting provider. This simply means that you’ll identify some key features you need and dedicate the search until a hosting provider can meet these requirements. Here are a few questions that you should ask a hosting provider to determine whether the relationship can be successful or not.

What kind of server reliability and uptime scores do you offer?

No website can find success without operating successfully for 24 hours each day. In order to accomplish this goal, you’ll need a hosting provider that uses stable network connections and powerful servers. It’s advisable to find a provider who’s uptime score hovers around 99.5%. Anything that falls beneath 99% isn’t acceptable. You can ask any hosting provider about their uptime scores and server reliability. If they aren’t willing to provide this information, there are many third-party monitoring tools that can yield accurate numbers. Check out Hosting Australia’s report to hosting uptime to learn more.

What is the security policy?

Security is one of the most important components of any website. Without the proper security measures, your data is at risk, and visitors will be less likely to provide their payment information. You should learn about the security policies of each hosting provider to determine if these measures are sufficient. If you’re interested in alternative forms of hosting such as cloud and shared hosting, it’s important to ask how the security policy is different than dedicated hosting. You should also inquire about the frequency of virus and malware scans.

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Are there many different hosting options? Is it possible to switch between these offers?

Every company has different hosting requirements. More importantly, a growing business will have everchanging hosting requirements. It’s important to ask hosting providers if they offer varying hosting environments. You also want to make sure that the provider offers movement between these different offers. You should always choose a provider that allows companies to switch between different hosting options. This provides your company with a flexibility that is necessary for constant growth.

Do you offer SSL certificates?

If you’re running an e-commerce website or online store that processes sensitive information, it’s critical to get a reliable SSL certificate. This protective measure covers many security concerns that plague most websites. If your hosting provider doesn’t offer this option, you can search for third-party providers.

If your hosting company doesn’t provide free SSL, you can use Let’s Encrypt.

Does the provider offer add-on or multiple domains?

Many business owners with successful websites will own a few domains. If your hosting provider allows the addition of more than one domain, you’ll have a place to utilize these extra sites. Before you purchase extra domains, it’s important to ensure your hosting provider offers multiple domains. Although most providers offer up to 25 extra domains, there are some hosts that only allow users to have one domain.

How much does it cost to create a website for your business?

What is the company’s history of downtime?

Downtime is a word used to describe periods when internet users cannot access a website. When choosing a hosting provider, it’s important to learn about the downtime history of each company. Although the most ideal answer is ‘never,’ even the most popular hosting providers experience downtime on occasion.

What is the back-up policy?

Regular backups are important to ensure all of the data on your website remains safe. There aren’t many hosting providers that conduct backups a few times per day. It’s also important to ensure that your databases are backed up. Here are some great backup plugins you can use for consistent backups.

How is the provider liable after an outage?

It’s not enough to ask a provider if they offer compensation or coverage for an outage. You should ask about their specific policies regarding these situations. Even the smallest details could make a big difference if your site were to suffer negative consequences from an outage. Some hosting providers won’t offer any compensation if the outage is out of their control.

Are the tech support and customer service agents responsive?

When dealing with a hosting provider, you’ll always want responsive customer service agents and tech support. There’s nothing worse than experiencing a problem on your site that cannot be fixed due to a lack of professional help. The best way to test the timeliness of a provider’s support is to call. If you’re satisfied with the experience during the first call, this is a good sign that the hosting provider offers reliable support. Check out Hosting Advice’s guide to hosting support.

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How many clients are sharing the servers?

If you’re searching for a shared hosting service, you’ll need to determine how much space is available for your site. Although many companies offer shared hosting, some will be less efficient due to the number of customers on one server. You need to make sure that the hosting provider has enough space on its server for your site to run smoothly.

What happens if you’re not satisfied?

It’s important to determine if hosting providers offer trial periods or satisfaction guarantees. If there is a trial period, you should take advantage of the offer to determine the quality of the services without having to spend a dime. Most satisfaction policies follow a similar procedure, but these offers require money upfront.

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