Using neon lights for your next home interior design project holds a lot of promise. It’s refreshing, unique, and entirely customizable! If you need a little help finding inspiration, there are multiple examples of cool neon ideas to consider. As is only natural, we also have to make them tasteful!

You can start by using neon lights to make your home feel more welcoming and cozy. You can have neon lights that spell “home” or “family,” for example. This plays to the strength of neon lights. You could also line the underside of tables and other furniture with colorful neon light.

Then there’s the idea of using neon to express the function of rooms or the personality of its occupants. Pink for girls’ rooms, yellow and orange for the dining area, or red to represent more intimate activities.

A Bright, Warm Home

You can use a lot of things to brighten up your home, but few options stand out more than lights. Specifically, neon lights. The soft, gentle glow that they cast is perfect for giving any space a comfortable ambiance.

All you really need to do is to choose the right designs. They can be about smiling faces, hearts, or words that represent love and affection.

Your choice of colors would matter as well since they will reflect what you consider to be comfortable. To be clear, this doesn’t only mean bright colors. For those who are more at home with dimmer, more subtle hues, choosing purple or magenta works too.

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The goal is to decorate the interiors of your home with that cozy ambiance. By doing so, it becomes a lot more pleasant to spend time in a place where you feel safe. The effect can also extend to visitors who can bask in the comforting light.

In terms of making a happy home, every little bit helps. Sometimes, even being around symbols of family, love, and tender affection is enough to feel joy every day. Isn’t this the whole point of interior design?

Glowing Accented Furniture

Having luxurious furniture is great but what if you could make them even comfier? This is what you can get by accenting them with neon lights. Naturally, you’ll need to be picky about this.

The best choices would be the underside of countertops with extended edges. The same goes for dining tables, elevated couches, and even beds. Adding these neon lights can really bring out the full potential of a room’s theme.

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Not only do they draw more attention, but they also help make that specific area more interesting to be in. For those who have never been exposed to such displays of artistic expression, it can feel new, refreshing, and irresistible.

This is a great way to show off when you have people over and is one of the biggest, yet most underappreciated aspects of interior design. Being surrounded by accented furniture can liven up a party atmosphere.

You do have to make sure not to go overboard and line all your furniture with neon lights. At some point, it can overwhelm the senses and can even become unpleasant. Remember that the goal here is to aim for the tasteful use of neon lights.

A Theme for Every Room

In practice, everyone should already know what every room in a house is supposed to be. The dining room, bedroom, living rooms, and bathrooms are easy to spot. It’s all so mundane and ordinary, and boring.

You can liven things up by highlighting the purposes of those rooms using neon light. For the kids’ rooms, the simplest options would be pink for girls and blue for boys. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

For the mini bar, a light shade of blue. For the kitchen a healthy dose of orange and yellow. For the living room, perhaps some green and white would be better.

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The choice will be up to you, in the end, but the point is to make each room stand out more. People should know what each room is about as soon as they see them.

The effects will be different for everyone involved, as well. For the folks occupying the rooms, it can provide a sense of stability. They know where they are and that they’re supposed to be there. The lights say so.

If nothing else, this can be a great way to make your home a lot more interesting. You might even set a trend once people see what you have done.


In many ways, neon lights are among the most versatile interior design options available. They can be made into anything, placed anywhere, and can be of any color. Neon lights can also fill any role from the decorative to the functional.

Using them to brighten your home and give it a unique flavor is an excellent idea. The suggestions brought up here are only a few of the many that you can choose from. Use them to make your next interior design projects one-of-a-kind!