Zitobox is a one-stop solution for all types of unique slot games which offers excellent opportunities to earn big loyalty points while enjoying every bit of the slot games. All the player needs to do is create an account on Zitobox, play their favorite free slots, and make Zito loyalty points. Note that these Zito loyalty points can be exchanged for top and renowned brands’ gift cards. However, the Zitobox does not feature real money gambling, and it is only meant to be used by an adult audience.

There is both website and a mobile application of Zitobox, which means it can be accessed on desktop and smartphone devices.

Salient Features of Zitobox Website

Zitobox.com is a renowned distributor of video games which upholds a competitive edge against other video games contributor. The website has been ranked on the top by different review forums and is quite popular among the audience due to its impressive network features, free content, and online backup.

Some of the promising salient features of Zitobox are listed as followed:

Extensive and Wide Collection of Slot Games

The Zitobox website hosts an enormous collection of exciting slot games. The diverse collection of games let the players choose a game according to their own choice and interest. The gaming audience gets access to all types of games over a single website, and this feature is the reason that players keep using this website to play online casino games. Moreover, the site facilitates the players to become pro at slot games. Since Zitobox does not feature real money gambling, the players can, however, use the practice of slot games attained from this forum to play and ace real money games at other gambling forums that offer real money gambling games.

JMW Affiliation

Zitobox holds an affiliation with JMW. JMW Affiliates in actual is the world’s promising virtual social gaming affiliate program in the United States. This affiliation depicts the authenticity and quality of the website and also accounts for the trustworthiness of the gaming forum.

Exciting Gaming Categories

The featuring of different gaming categories makes the virtual gaming at Zitobox very exciting. There are multiple gaming categories, and each category offers different gaming levels, bonus points, and rewards. The different category features at Zitobox are listed below:

  • Super Jackpot category
  • Frutti Jackpot category
  • Premium Category
  • 3 Reels Category
  • Rapid Category

Safety and Confidentiality

The information provided to the gaming website is kept completely secured and confidential. The website is highly regarded for maintaining the security of user’s data. In order to acquire, purchase and redeem Loyalty Points or ZITO POINTS, certain information is required for the registration process. The website makes sure that the information is handled in the best possible way.

Disclaimer! Zitobox never asks for any details regarding Facebook, nor does it asks to log in to a Facebook account.

User-Friendly Website

Zitobox encompasses an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The website is quite easy and smooth to use. Also, the innovative graphics on it makes it further appealing!

If you’re someone who absolutely enjoys playing slot games, Zitobox is your place to be. It’s everything a slot lover can ever ask for!