If you are in search of finding out the best places for Scuba diving, then you have landed at the right place. Also, don’t forget to get your divers watch before the trip, they come in handy during scooba diving adventures. Now see the list of top 12 places for Scuba diving:

1. Sipidan Islands, Borneo Malaysia

Everyone knows that Malaysia is the home of scuba diving that includes the well-known Sipadan islands. It offers so much to view and a lot of diving sites around, scuba diving on this island would be a special experience for you.

2. Palau Island, Micronesia

This island is the home for the best scuba divers across the world. This is a wonderful island that offers so much scuba dives along with marine life, sea walls, sheer drop-offs, and caves.

3. The Yongala Wreck, Australia

Beyond doubt, it is one of the best places for scuba diving in Australia. Also, it is ranked the best shipwreck diving.

4. Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea

Thistlegorm wreck scuba dive typically covers a huge shipwreck that needs so many dives for doing this justice.

5. Shark & Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea

The Shark & Yolanda Reef location is 3 dives in 1: an anemone city, the wreck of Yolanda, and shark reef along with its fantastic drop-off.

6. Great Blue Hole, Belize

Most popular dive site of Belize is the Great Blue Hole, recently classed among the best 12 places for scuba diving.

7. Manta Ray Night Dive, Hawaii

There are underwater lights on the floor of the ocean that attract an unlimited amount of plankton that also attract the eye-catching manta rays while you dive in Kona, Hawaii.

8. Navy Pier, Australia

Though, it is a much defined as well as spectacular site where you can spend five days doing scuba diving at Navy Pier without getting bored at all, especially at night.

On the dive, there’s so much to see. Often, you would come across huge rays on the sand.

9. USS Liberty Shipwreck, Indonesia

Sometimes classed as the best wreck scuba diving in the world, Liberty shipwreck is an essential dive site for a scuba diver who is visiting the spectacular island of Bali. The popular wreck attracts thousands of snorkellers and scuba divers on a daily basis.

The broken down wreck is actually encrusted with sponges, corals, and gorgonian fans that are breath-taking to see, with an invertebrate life which lives within these.

Along with a wide array of the marine life which calls this shipwreck & the black sand that gives a perfect color contrast for incredible marine life, it has become a very popular destination for the photographers in the world.

10. Cape Kri, Indonesia

It is home to 540 forms of corals. More than one-thousand kinds of coral fish are there. Scuba dive in Cape Kri provides you the most amazing living library for the coral reef as well as underwater biota.

11. President Coolidge, Vanuatu

Scuba dive President Coolidge does mean that you will explore the most acclaimed wreck diving here. Scuba divers encounter a swimming pool, trucks, cannons, Jeeps, and chandeliers as they explore this.

12. Big Brother, Egyptian Red Sea

This beautiful island scuba diving is famous for its amazing places on the earth where one might experience an unforgettable and thrilling liveaboard dive.