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Who hasn’t been frustrated when trying to get their child to do homework? On the one hand, it is understandable, there are plenty of more interesting things to do with their time. However, homework is also essential as it reinforces what was learned in class and encourages children to learn more.

Research suggests that those who get a good education are generally more successful in life. Therefore, to ensure your children get the best possible start in life, they need to do their homework. As a parent you want your child to have the best opportunities, that means making sure they do their homework. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be a battle, you simply need to know the most effective methods to get them to do their homework.

1. Start Young

The best way to get your child doing homework without complaining is to start young. Choose a reputable center, such as this early learning Chatswood and make sure they issue fun homework right from the start.

This ensures your child realizes that homework is simply part of the learning process. If they have always done it they will find it harder to find excuses not to do it.

2. Create A Routine

There is no right or wrong routine but making a routine is a great way of ensuring their homework is always done. For example, when your child arrives home they have a snack and a drink and then do their homework. If it is the same every night then it is simply something they do and they will be happy to get on with it. This will help right through school

3. Quiet Time

When it is time to do homework it is important that everyone in the house is quiet. That means no one watching television or playing on the game console. Once children realize that they are not missing out they will be able to focus better on the homework in front of them. In fact, they will probably absorb the information faster this way.

4. Rewards

You don’t generally give rewards for simply doing homework as this is something that must be done. But, you can encourage your children to want to do their homework and to want to do it well. Simply offer them a reward if they hit a certain grade or consistently get the same grade throughout the term.

This gives the children an incentive to aim high and ensures they get their homework done properly.

5. Be Open To Conversation

If you have created the above scenario your children will naturally do their homework as they understand it is essential. However, this means that when they are reluctant to get it done there is likely to be a reason behind it. This is when you need to be able to listen to your child and try to understand their opinion. You will find it much easier to converse and negotiate with them if you know what is wrong and they feel comfortable talking to you.