Psychological issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety may cause back pain — unless someone has been injured.

Some other reasons may include lack of exercise, smoking, lifting weights, and injuries related to your spinal area such as ruptured disks.

Extreme back pain caused by an injury can be treated with surgeries. But since this method is expensive for the long term and back pain doesn’t completely vanish after the operation, people are stuck with taking medication as an alternative to relieve back pain.

However, what a lot of people aren’t aware of is that, aside from medication, there is also another way for them to get rid of back pain with the help of chiropractic treatment.

What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a health care professional who specializes in relieving pain in the disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors have a legal license to perform this treatment.

People who have gone through chiropractic treatments have said that it really helped relieve their back pain. In fact, a study in the JAMA Network Open was focusing on the US military personnel. In their study, they wanted to see the outcomes of the different medical routines they used. What they found was that those who used chiropractor treatments alongside traditional medical care had way better results of back pain relief as compared to those who were only dependent on traditional medical care.

There are also many studies which support the fact that this non-surgical chiropractic procedure is safe and highly beneficial for people who suffer from intense back pain and other issues in their musculoskeletal system.

Is it Safe to perform a Chiropractic Procedure?

Usually, when people visit chiropractors, they are often scared and hesitant about performing this treatment.

The reason is that chiropractors mostly focus on spinal manipulation. The chiropractor applies a lot of pressure to realign the spine to reduce pressure on the nervous system. Chiropractors usually perform the procedure with their hands or with small instruments — the pressure is applied better with hands.

Naturally, it is normal to have doubts, but once you talk about the details and ask about your insecurities with chiropractors, you have nothing to be afraid of. As mentioned before, these chiropractors are professionals who know how to do their job exceptionally.

These treatments aren’t just made to relieve pain from one part of the body. The whole therapy reduces the overall pain in the whole body, so it’s actually a great practice you should indulge in.

Before the treatment actually starts, the chiropractor first asks questions about your pain symptoms. They then ask for physical examination and x-rays to check whether you should proceed with chiropractic treatment or not.

Chiropractic Treatment Plan

The chiropractor develops a treatment plan for you after an interview. A chiropractic treatment plan is necessary because pain isn’t relieved in just one visit. The patient must visit the clinic more than once for full relief.

You may be given a diet plan that relieves and improves your overall lifestyle. Nutritional supplements may also be given when necessary. There are a lot of physical activities we are afraid of trying due to age or whatever reason aside from laziness. That is when a chiropractor gives you professional recommendations about which physical activity you should take part in to improve your back.

If no physical activity suits your needs, a chiropractor may provide you with electrical stimulation or hot and cold packs to ease your pain outside of treatment hours.

Methods of Back Pain Relief by Chiropractors

There are various forms of applying pressure to specific body points and other methods with the help of specific tools and techniques to reduce the back pain.

Motion Palpitation

This is mostly used as a diagnostic method for chiropractors. It is a way to observe the spine and pinpoints along the spinal column that may lack mobility or are not positioned in their rightful places.

For this procedure, the patient is guided through a series of movements as the chiropractor moves their hand along and around the spine. This way, the chiropractor is able to feel the entire spinal column and can identify anything that may be wrong or out of place.

Toggle Drop

A toggle drop is a method that is usually used to enhance mobility in the spinal column. The chiropractor uses quick thrusts to specific areas of the spine in order to reduce back pain.

In a toggle drop technique, the chiropractor has to press the back firmly down with their hands crossed and with a controlled motion, they improve movement in the vertebrae joints.

Lumbar Roll

Lumbar roll is one of the most commonly used techniques as it focuses on relieving pain, mostly in the lower back of the body, which usually carries the most pain.

This technique involves a chiropractor to use quick thrusts on the painful area while the patient lies down on their side. This movement helps to quickly realign the vertebrae in its rightful position.

Adjustment with Instruments

This is similar to that of a lumber roll technique — however, instead of hands, this method involves using instruments, and the patient has to lie face down on a table.

Gentle pressure is made to realign the spine in its proper place and is usually meant to be used in cases when the pain is severe. You can also use this method on animals to help relieve their pain as well.

Manipulation with Anesthesia

This is the last resort you should opt for when all the other back treatments have failed. This is usually meant for people with chronic back diseases who experience intense back pain, which doesn’t subside.

These patients undergo anesthesia sedation before the treatment is operated on them. This procedure is also overseen by a professional medical staff in an outpatient hospital setting. It is advised to first try out other methods of chiropractic treatment instead of jumping onto an extreme and expensive treatment — you can save money if you get the same relief with normal chiropractic treatment.

There are endoscopic spine surgery courses that you can follow after your treatment to stay safe.

Back pain should be taken seriously, which is why you must take action before it gets worse. Chiropractors do an amazing job in healing patients and make them feel relaxed during the treatment. Many people try to fix the pain through their own methods but often fail in it. You must go to a professional to heal quicker and better.