Creating polished videos is the dream of every videographer. However, making high-quality videos is more than having top filmmaking equipment. The video production industry is lucrative and to tap into it, you need to hone your skills.

In this article, we will look at the ten ways to hone your skills as a videographer and establish your authority.

Let us dive into details.

1. Learn how to use video production software

As an aspiring professional video producer, understanding video production software is imperative. Expert video producers such as Spiel insist on the importance of learning how to use video editing software, claiming that it is not only more efficient but delivers better results.

There is various editing software to choose from. Pick one and learn the basics. Edit your videos using the software and try to apply its advanced features. Online tutorials are resources that can help you learn how to apply these features effectively to achieve the best results. To broaden your skills further, take the time to learn different software. By doing so, you become a competitive candidate for videography positions as you perfect your craft for the future.

2. Understand your equipment

It is not uncommon for professional videographers to capture amazing videos even with lesser quality equipment.

Why you may ask.

To get the most out of any video production equipment, understanding its intricacies is of the utmost importance. Whichever gear you have, take the time to figure out the functionality of every button and setting. Strive to learn how to achieve the best sound and image quality with the equipment you have.

3. Work on your skills separately

Being a renowned videographer does not happen overnight. To make the most, make sure you work on your skills. Depending on your preference, you can start by working on your creativity, directing, and editing. Also, you can improve your communication, among other skills. However, work on them separately and spend enough time on each of them.

4. Challenge yourself every day

The filming industry is ever-changing. Technological advancements in the sector bring in fresher ways of producing videos. For this reason, challenging yourself is vital.

Instead of sticking to one filming or editing technique, strive to learn alternative ways of doing them. During your free time, take your camera, go to an unusual location and film. If you are a talented corporate event videographer, get out of your comfort zone and try filming explainer videos. It is by taking such ‘uncomfortable’ steps that you polish your skills, helping you become a great video producer.

5. Network

Networking is one of the best ways to improve your video-producing skills while making your brand visible to key industry players. Join social media platforms and be part of conversations related to the filming industry.

Additionally, you can attend industry events and seminars. These networking platforms present the perfect opportunity to interact with renowned video producers and veteran filmmakers in the industry, where you can learn a thing or two to further your career.

6. Make use of free resources

The internet offers an invaluable resource to gain the necessary knowledge you need to improve your video skills. From blog posts to video tutorials, there is a myriad of free educational resources you can browse.

The trick is to set aside time to learn more about your craft. Whether it is for one hour or 20 minutes, make sure you seize this free opportunity to become a better video producer.

7. Seek mentorship

Having a mentor is another great way to hone your skills as a video producer. Mentors are not only there to ensure your growth and development in the film industry, but they are instrumental if you look to broaden your professional network.

When you need someone’s opinion on an important task, they are among the best people to offer sound advice. Thanks to their experience in the industry, they have learned a lot through the years. They are always glad to share their past experiences to help you make better decisions and avoid making errors.

8. Criticize yourself

Video producers must make a habit of scrutinizing their films. To take your video production skills to the next level, you need to sit down and analyze every video you take.

Is this video worth top-dollars? Does this video have clear images and high-quality sound?

No matter how proud you are of a project, you need to analyze it, look at what you could have done better, and write it down. Doing so allows you to be aware of your strengths as well as weaknesses. Based on your findings, you can make better decisions on how you can improve your skills.

9. Get feedback from friends

Your opinion matters, and so is that of your friends and family. Borrowing from the above point, as we criticize ourselves, we may be lenient or put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to be the best in what we do. For this reason, getting a second opinion from our friends and family is vital.

Gather your loved ones and show them a video that, in your opinion, you did well. Ask them to give you their honest opinion. From their feedback, you see your video through the eyes of another. You can then know where to improve or, from their amazed faces, learn to appreciate yourself for a job well done.

10. Get a formal education

As stated earlier there are invaluable resources where video producers can learn to perfect their skills. However, the importance of getting a formal education in video production cannot be over-emphasized.

If you are an aspiring videographer, going to an accredited institution to study video production is a great first step. Learning video production in class impacts your knowledge positively, equipping you with the necessary skills to take great videos.


Being a great video producer is all about believing in yourself and taking the necessary steps to improve your craft. By implementing the above ten points, you will hone your video production skills, establishing yourself as an authority in the industry.