True, sunglasses might have been created to protect our vision from the harsh rays of the sun, but these days, sunglasses are a must-have fashion accessory. Whether you’re wearing them to shield your eyes or you’ve got them sitting on top of your head like a stylish crown – sunglasses are one of our favorite ways to show off our unique styles.

What you might not have realized, is that your favorite sunglass style actually reveals more about your personality than you might have thought! Here are just some of the most popular sunglass styles on the market and what that style says about you:

1: Wayfarers – For the Bold

If you feel utterly confident in your skin, then Wayfarers are the ideal sunglasses to let everyone around you know that you’re bold and ready to take charge. When it comes to adventure, you’re in front of the pack, excited to be trying new and adrenaline-pumping activities – whether that be cliff diving or walking up to the prettiest lady in a bar.

Never mistake a Wayfarer-wearer as being full of themselves though. In fact, having a friend who wears Wayfarers is one of the best friends you can have. As these sunglass lovers are funny, fiercely loyal, and will always stand up for the people in their lives.

2: Aviators – Classic and Cool

When you think of Aviator sunglasses, it’s hard not to conjure up images of Tom Cruise speeding around on his motorbike in Top Gun. Ever since that classic movie moment, people have been drawn to the classic, cool appeal of wearing a pair of Aviators.

Associated with being relaxed and chill, anyone who adds a pair of Aviators to their outfit will instantly achieve admiring glances from those around them. In fact, people are drawn to those who wear Aviators as they tend to covet only a few close relationships, rather than large groups. If you are lucky enough to have an Aviator in your life, you’ll have a best friend for life.

The Aviator is adaptable; the wearer is the type of person who loves to customize their sunglasses, so they’re unique, just like them. Similarly, the character of the Aviator-wearer has a natural creative flair that often impresses peers. You know you’re voguish if you can pull off the Aviator well.

3: Cat Eyes – The Vintage Fashionista

Cat-eye sunglasses have long been associated with legends like Marilyn Monroe, especially in the iconic tortoiseshell design. Those who wear these fun and flirty specs tend to be highly into fashion and trends – particularly vintage style. So, you’re likely to find them in a thrift store on the weekend, looking for the best in vintage style and maybe even some vintage records to play on their record player.

More than just a fashionista, those who wear cat eyes are incredibly fun to be around. Whether you’re off to a theme park or enjoying a coffee in the park, your cat eyes friend is extremely fun, with an infectious laugh. Even better, they are incredibly generous, meaning they might just let you raid that wonderful vintage wardrobe they’ve built up!

4: Round Glasses – The Quirky King

Not everyone can pull off bold circle shades. For those that can, it’s likely that your unusual and unique style means you’re the envy of your friends. No matter what you put on, whether it’s a funky Hawaiian shirt or the coolest leather jacket – with your round glasses you will always look like you walked straight off a runway.

Not only do you stand out in a crowd for being incredibly stylish, but those who prefer round glasses also tend to be the most creative of their peers. Whether you’re an artist, singer or writer – you’ll be known for your creative abilities.

5: Sports Sunglasses – For the Competitive

Like you might expect, sports frames and their funky lenses are the sunglasses of choice for the sportiest of us. Perhaps you’re the star football player or maybe you’re just the number one fan who attends every game, you’re never quite you without your athletic specs.

Not just competitive when it comes to sports, you’ll want to be the best at everything you do. Which means whether it’s a hobby or your career, whatever you set your mind to, you’re guaranteed to excel at it.

6: Clout Goggles – The Instagram-er

If you adore Clout Goggles, the likelihood is, you’re a social media influencer in the making. No matter where you go, you’ll be dressed in the latest style trends and sporting flawless make-up. All your friends will be trained in getting your best angle, as every day is like a fashion shoot for you.

Your friends will love being your own personal photographer. As everyone who wears Clout Goggles knows all the coolest spots to eat and hang out. Plus, they know all the latest gossip too! This person with their adventurous and fun attitude makes a wonderful friend, who will constantly get you trying new activities.

7: Oversized Frames – The Posh One

Oversized frames are not only adored for working with most face shapes but these large frames also hint at a dramatic and mysterious personality. Most likely the most unpredictable of all your friends, you’ll enjoy the finer things in life. Which means if you’re flying anywhere, you’ll never want to be flying coach.

That doesn’t mean you’re snobby though! Wearers of oversized frames know exactly how to laugh at themselves, which makes them a great companion to have. Plus, having a friend that loves their luxury brands means you might get to borrow some of their designer labels.

8: Heart-Shaped Glasses – For the Dreamer

Those who wear heart-shaped sunglasses tend to be dreamers. A hopeless romantic, not only can they sing every song from Disney movies, they’ll likely fashion themselves after a fellow dreamer – such as Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.

Perhaps a little ditzy, those who love their heart-shaped glasses are also incredibly compassionate and make some of the best friends. For no matter what they have going on in their own lives, they will drop everything to provide a shoulder to cry on.