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Since the inception of the Internet, casinos are investing in a digitalized presence to cater to the online community. Forgotten are days when one had to drive for miles through traffic just for a game of poker or backgammon. The casino industry has managed to carve a niche in Internet gaming and betting. And it is no different in Italy.

Since 2010, both land-based and online casinos in Italy are registered, licensed, and regulated by the Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (AAMS). For a gaming site to be licensed, they must meet some stipulations. For instance, the licensees must be active in Europe, have founded a capitalist society, and with a two-year turnover of not less than € 1.5 million. However, this governing body issues a maximum of 200 gaming licenses at a time, meaning that once they are exhausted, applicants must wait for a spot to open up.

Therefore, if you are interested in playing on an Italian gaming site, you must ensure it is a credible and licensed casino aams. But with 200 available alternatives, how do you pick the best gaming site? In this article, we explore several aspects you can be on the lookout for.

Factors To Consider

  • Their legal status

Always check the validity of the online casino you wish to play on. Are they legally certified? The rules may vary depending on the country the gaming site is located. Therefore, research to determine if they are an accredited institution.

Playing or betting via an unrelated site exposes you to unnecessary risk. In Italy, as soon as the authorities detect an illegal online casino, it is closed and pulled down from the Internet. All money in members’ accounts is lost because winnings are not regulated. You may also fall victim to a scan or another cybercrime.

You will be sharing sensitive information such as credit card details and bank account information. And with the increased rate of cyber threats, security is an essential aspect you can never compromise. If it is an Italian casino, it should be registered under the AAMS. The UK Gambling Commission will regulate a British-based site. This ensures your entertainment is safe and transactions are secure.

  • Check Out Their Game Selection

Any good online casino should offer a versatile selection of games. This way, players of all kinds can find a suitable match, whether it’s table games, card games, or slots. What are your goals? Before you settle on a site, you must confirm if they have your game of choice. They must be able to satisfy any needs you have.

  • Are There Any Bonus Opportunities?

Unlike grounded casinos, online-based ones usually advertise lucrative promotions, offers, and deals to entice members or attract potential players. There are numerous bonuses that you can take advantage of. For example, some sites have a VIP plan that is awarded to top rank members. Check all available bonuses to determine if you qualify for any.

  • What Are The Payment Methods?

Technological innovation has revolutionised the financial industry, and the online gaming and betting industry is on board. Most AAMS casinos work in collaboration in the top-rated payment providers in Italy like to enhance the player’s experience.

You can deposit and withdraw by bank transfer, debit cards, and e-Wallets. And if scepticism has the best of you, there are several payment cards you can utilise. They allow you to transact without divulging any personal information.

  • Customer Service

What do other players say about the site? Are there any positive reviews? Check the website to see people’s views or complaints. Go the extra mile and visit consumer education sites. That should be an excellent place to assess the client satisfaction rate, which directly translates to the casino’s customer service.

You will be betting online; therefore, it is essential you pick someone who holds your best interests at heart. How do they respond to inquiries or resolve issues? And do they have an open communication line? They ought to have an email address or phone number that you can use to reach them in case of anything and at any time.

Final Take

When choosing an online casino in Italy, make sure the one you pick satisfies the parameters mentioned above. Check for the AAMS logo on their web pages to ascertain their legal status. These tips are sure to help you select the best AAMS online casino ensuring your bets are secure and safe.