Sometimes, we have to deal with writing that could have considerable long-term effects on our lives. This could be an important letter, a piece of research, or a resume. When speaking of a resume, it is required to understand that the quality of this piece of paper is often making a difference between landing the interview or being ignored by recruiters whatsoever.

That is why it is so important to create a resume that will contain all the required information and present you in a favorable light. There are some rules regarding designing your CV, and that’s why you may want to consider getting your resume professionally written by a writer for hire.

Reasons to think about looking for professional help

There are several reasons why you want to think this through:

  • Recruiters are 99% likely to ignore resumes that are written using popular templates;
  • Most templates are often excluding important pieces of information thus reducing chances of getting recruiters interested in you;
  • COVID-19 pandemic leads to increased unemployment, which means a lot more competition on the labor market;
  • It is known that a uniquely designed document is more likely to land an interview.

As it is possible to clearly see, there are lots of external factors that contribute to a need to have your resume created in a professional manner. Luckily enough, you can go through resume making services reviews to find the one that will suit you best.

Why popular templates aren’t working and what could be done

Finding a resume template online takes a couple of seconds, and you can enjoy a CV that didn’t require any sort of effort. It is understandable why anyone would consider this option; after all, having your CV generated sounds easier than making it from scratch and customizing to a particular employer.

That’s the first major mistake that most job seekers do. Recruiters have to work with hundreds of documents every day, which means that they are not going to pay attention to generic CVs because they all look the same. You should also understand that having a resume made from some popular template means that you’re not really that interested in showing yourself as a person that can bring any interesting value to the company.

The only remedy is to get creative. The times are changing, and there’s no need to send hard copies of a resume – everything is done through digital copies. That’s why you’re provided with an opportunity to create a personalized resume or ask a professional writer to do it for you. These writers are all about making sure that your CV gets noticed, so they will do everything to make it unique, just like you are.

You could go with rather interesting choices for showing your strengths and skills. For example, you can consider to create a resume website, it is quite an unorthodox method of getting the attention of the recruiters. After all, WordPress, even though it has a lot of competitors, it gives lots of opportunities to express your creativity.

What makes a professionally written resume different from a generic one

Let us start with the “basic” things. A truly adequate and correct resume has to feature the list of your skills. Even more, you should remember that it is better to distinguish your skill list into “soft” and “hard” categories. Soft skills are things such as interpersonal communication, leadership, and other things that you’re great with just because you are.

As for the hard skills, well, this list is very important because those are the things that are the most interesting to recruiters. Hard skills include acquired abilities such as languages, coding, budgeting, accounting, or operating machinery.

The second basic attribute of a great CV is the list of your previous work experiences. A potential employer is interested in hiring people with previous experience; this is a well-known fact. So, if you have any, don’t forget to list it. I also strongly advise you to keep to the chronological order when giving the list of your previous positions.

If you had particular projects that could be shown, don’t be afraid to do so! This event description example can be used as a great way for you to understand how to promote your product, especially if it’s available online. In this case, it’s a quality tutorial written by a writer. Here’s yet another tutorial on how to write an event description from the same writer. Posting your content online is a great way to give potential employers an opportunity to see the actual results of your previous work!

One more thing – the choice of words matters. You see, it is better to use action verbs when creating your resume. This way, you’ll be able to emphasize the significance of your previous accomplishments. While this tip may sound insignificant, it is actually very effective. Even more, consider your choice of words and implement some keywords into a resume. These are the words that recruiters are usually looking for in the CV of a candidate to determine whether he or she has the required skills and qualifications.


So, as you can see, there are lots of things to consider when making a resume that will become interesting to the recruiters and HR managers. You have to consider the choice of words, how to present your previous work experience, how to demonstrate your skills in a proper manner, and so on.

The uniqueness of a CV plays an important role in landing the interview. That is why I strongly discourage you from using free templates that are found online. It is highly likely that your resume will be tossed on a shelf to the similar copies to never be reviewed. We want to avoid that!

That is why you should consider hiring a professional writer to work on your resume. After all, these people are making a living by helping others, and they put a lot of effort into their product because a well-developed resume can make a great difference. There are lots of people looking for a job, and the competition requires you to be different and unique.