New Edmonton Windows and Doors
New Edmonton Windows and Doors

With rising household expenses, more and more people are searching for ways to save money on utilities. They might have heard a lot of confusing facts about whether window and door replacement can yield the desired outcomes or not. To be honest, some facts are true while some are nothing more than just misconceptions that homeowners should correct at first. They have to understand that these myths actually restrict them from making the right choice. So, what they should do is to know the reality behind those myths and rest assured to make the right selection.

  • Window and Door Replacement Doesn’t Save Much Money

According to many experts, replacing old Edmonton windows and doors with performance-oriented and energy efficient units is the key to saving a significant amount of money. In fact, homes with single pane windows need replacement without any other because this type doesn’t possess the required Energy Star rating. In other words, it doesn’t let homeowners save 20 million BTUs in a year. So, what does this mean? The answer is quite simple.

Replace old windows with Energy Star components and see the difference in their performance. They are not only efficient during the winter season but also ensure least or no energy loss during summers.

  • Window and Door Replacement is More Costly Than their Saving

No doubt, new Edmonton windows, and doors need a significant investment to get at the right place but, homeowners should understand that they also promise equal benefits and return. The best part of having energy efficient doors and windows is that they can save up to 20% on cooling and heating bills. They are not only durable but also resist outside elements, particularly corrosion, insects, sunlight, etc. in case homeowners get high SHGC and U-values with less water and air infiltration; then they can have higher returns as desired.

  • Repair is Better Than Replacement

Most of the homeowners believe that doors and windows Edmonton are quite reasonable to repair as compared to replacement. They think that it’s just a matter of a few bucks and everything would come back to its original performance. That’s not true! Yes, the reality is that repair works as the quick fix that may work for some time. But, as months or years pass, problems come back with more intensity and even affect the overall performance of the home.

So, experts suggest to make a one-time investment and go for high-performance Edmonton windows and doors. They have to search for units having low-E coatings, inert gas between the panes, insulating glass, weather stripping, and the likes.