Beauty brands
Beauty brands

No matter how did you spend your 2018, you definitely want to say goodbye to it appropriately. Having fun and leaving all the worries of the passing year behind. Now, when it comes the time to think about what to expect from our coming year, we have found the best beauty trends that are about to be sizzling hot when we land 2019. Scroll down and enjoy!

  1. Men’s Makeup Brushes Set
Men’s Makeup Brushes Set
Men’s Makeup Brushes Set

The new and aspiring 3D designer Taeheon Kim noticed that men feel uncomfortable to buy beauty products for putting on makeup because beauty brands target the vast majority of them at women. These products, naturally, look too girly and not every man would like to use them in his daily grooming beauty arsenal. Kim decided to rethink the concept of masculinity and designed this interesting kit called Croono. The neatly-made wooden box contains a modular makeup brush with one handle and four magnetic brush heads made of anodized aluminum. Two of them are smaller, and the other two – are bigger ones. The brushes are very ergonomic and high-quality.

It is worth to mention that Taeheon hasn’t been noticed yet in creating props for Drag Queens or anything that introduces glamour to men wanting to feel like women. He made a few transformable pieces of furniture and all-in-one office tool, which combines features of the hole punch, stapler, and confetti shredder. Likewise, the design of Croono kit feels masculine shining out its bold beauty – the minimalist look, bold hexagon shapes, metal colors (copper, steel, bronze) with a matte finish. These makeup brushes remind us of little interchangeable bars that men usually put on top of multi-bit screwdrivers. Another designer Annemiek van der Beek that revolutionizes the traditional brands’ concepts of beauty, created Primal Skin makeup line for men, which looks so sturdy.

Truth be told, beauty brands are not new to catering beauty products and accessories to men. Men grooming is already a multi-billion dollar industry. Thankfully, now times when a man had to look like a Neanderthal to be considered handsome, are long gone. There’s nothing wrong with using moisturizer, nose strips, and maybe some foundation and powder. Especially they need it for appearing online on a regular basis like many of us do today. We have monitored a lot of makeup brands’ brushes, sponges, and other appliances marked “for men.” Guess what they look like. A hint: remember the shaving brush that your grandpa or even great-grandpa (for millennials) used. However, brands should mind that men need some unique quality an feel to their beauty accessories and products, to the same extent as girls do. Perhaps, this is the reason why so many of them secretly use their girlfriend’s or mom’s beauty devices just like many students secretly buy cheap essays. At least, Taeheon Kim creates new aesthetics for brands in this niche, which we definitely appreciate.

2. Glittering eyeshadows

With the help of beauty brands like Morphe, it is easy to become a real makeup artist and get the most of your self-expression. With such advanced makeup palettes as they make, you can create images that would spread virally on Instagram in a matter of seconds. Their new trend for 2019 is bringing together softly glowing, glittering, matte, and satin eyeshadows all in one kit! Moreover, they all amazingly fit and blend with one another no matter what combination you would like to wear! The brands’ cosmetic glitter pressed eyeshadows are so easy to apply, and they would stay all night long.

Needless to say, vampish looks with juicy lips, luminous skin, and dangerous hellcat eyes are a must this year. Not only to hit up a New Year’s Eve party but also for many other beauty occasions in 2019. Make sure you save one of such palettes for your cosmetic bag! Other brands like NYX also continue promoting the glittering fashion. They have nice and shiny cream pigments everyone loves. Following the brands’ beauty hashtag #glittergoals you can check out the latest creative findings of other girls applying their glitters. For those who don’t want to stop on one color, they have created Sprinkle Town Eye & Lips set and Sugar Trip Glitter Vault kit. All in all, brands like this have all range of glitter eyeshadows from soft tones of natural makeup to deep earthy tones and even striking neon colors. So, as we can see, shining like a star is the new makeup trend to last, yet only you decide how exactly you prefer to shine.

3. High-End Beauty Technology

Some time ago, in order to receive some special skin care treatment or to make a new haircut, you had to make an appointment at beauty salons. For modern ladies who live on the go, even such a trifle as doing nails could become a disaster when they can’t seem to squeeze it in the tight daily schedule. Now what you can do is tap a few words in your smartphone or tablet and order practically every beauty service online.

The New York-based company Glamsquad ( ) offers hair stylists and makeup artists on your beauty demand. Mostly, you make the same old appointment with the only difference – the stylist comes to you wherever you are – hotel, workplace, home, or everywhere else. Glamsquad has already raised $7 million and continues to grow. While they take the service offline, more distant brands like Avon offers the app that can instantly define the tone of makeup foundation, concealer, or powder that seamlessly fits your skin tone. Finally no bad buy experience!

Another new gimmick for makeup geeks from modern brands is the ability to use technology to help you take care of your skin or put on a perfect foundation shade. HiMirror recently introduced interactive mirrors that use artificial intelligence to help you spot your personalized skin care needs. The thing looks like a mirror with a camera. Sometimes they also include special devices for analyzing skin type and condition as well as some AR (augmented reality) tools. The high-tech mirrors will be available at salons and retail stores.

Additionally, the new Comper Smarkin beauty device is like an all-in-one beauty salon at the comfort of your own home. It uses electrical muscle stimulation, LED technology, micro vibrational therapy, and radio frequency to perfect your skin on all possible levels. Ten minutes per day and you won’t have those flaws that make us girls feel insecure – wrinkles, lack of firmness, acne, dry skin, and many more. While the device doesn’t belong to huge brands, the price stays affordable.


4. Edible skincare and beauty products

A couple of years ago the “red wine” was just an association in the name of the lipstick color. Now we are allowed to literally eat some of the products we put on our faces. It won’t do any harm. Moreover, it will be delicious. While chapsticks from good old brands with appetizing smells seem to be as old as the makeup brands themselves, they usually have that awful vaseline taste. Probably, men and women all across the world complained about it so much that the most renowned beauty brands decided that edible cosmetics is the best way to go for the future and made a new trend out of it.

One of the brands that you don’t hear about so much, Edible Beauty Australia, creates all edible skin care products. It started with their attempt to make entirely clean products free from preservatives, dyes, synthetics, alcohol. Our skin absorbs nearly 80% of what we put on it, that’s why the brandы believe skin care products should be made with high standards just like food that we put inside of our bodies. Luscious lotions, mists, step-by-step lines, illuminating face oils making your skin photo ready – is just a small list of therapeutic, wildcrafted products that this company offers.

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Another new niche is edible perfume brands. Inventive scientists of new startup brands found fully vegan-friendly formulas of fragrances that you can spritz on your skin, as well as in your mouth and even on a cocktail for an additional blast of taste. The brands’ new “Lick Your Scent” presents three easily recognizable fragrances: pear and vanilla, cherry blossom and mandarin, watermelon and citrus. The idea is fairly unusual; even though, some trendsetters find it strange ( ). Another one of the offbeat brands, Edible Fragrance Factory, offers the widest range of lickable fragrances. They correspond to certain types of food and drinks. But there’s a catch. While some of them sound quite mouth-watering (Melted Toffee, Bubblegum, Pina Colada), others are quite cheesy (Pickled Onion, BBQ). Meaning, they are good in terms of food flavors, but do you want to smell like barbeque treat? But we won’t know if it’s any good unless we try, right?