Progress is all about making people’s lives easier. That’s what cloud gaming is about when it comes to video gaming. What is it? How to use it? Is there any option to go cloud gaming for free? This is where Boosteroid comes in handy. While Nvidia and Google are trying to get as big piece of the market as possible, we’ll take a look at a smaller player.

Unfortunately, there are no cloud gaming services operating perfectly… Some of them have latency problems, others miss a lot of AAA titles. That’s why a lot of gamers have already considered Boosteroid.

Yes, this is probably not the company you’ve heard about that much. However, Boosteroid is currently a top-3rd cloud gaming provider in Europe with almost 1 million users. The platform is available in Central and Eastern Europe. According to the company, Boosteroid is going global already this year. So let’s take a closer look at some major aspects of this service and cloud gaming in general. Who knows, maybe it will soon become your way to play video games.

Technological miracle

At this point there is no doubt that this technology is revolutionary. Cloud gaming is like a vortex. That’s why a lot of companies started developing their own platforms before it gets too cloudy. But why should you even bother? There are at least a few benefits you can’t resist. First of all, we all know how fast hardware becomes outdated. You won’t be surprised when your high-end gaming PC won’t be able to keep up with the latest releases, will you? Cloud is a perfect solution to this problem. It will help you run AAA titles with what’s at your fingertips.

Today the most common cloud gaming technology is streaming. This is when you run your games on a remote computer and watch a video stream translation of your gameplay on your device. Just imagine how much money a gamer can save if he or she has no need to upgrade hardware. A Boosteroid subscription costs €9, 89 per month, but you can get an annual subscription that will reduce the price to €4.16 per month. So, what’s the price for 5 years of gaming on Boosteroid? About $250? And how much money will you spend on a new high-end laptop or Mac? At least a thousand. Everyone can do quick math and see that cloud gaming is a really good bargain.

(Un)limited opportunities

Some cloud platforms do disappoint us with multiple restrictions. GeForce NOW has limits of gaming time available even for a basic subscription and Google is not present in many countries. These things might change soon. Anyway, it’s difficult to find a perfect cloud gaming platform. Boosteroid learns from the mistakes of other providers. It gives each customer unlimited gaming time daily, so anyone can enjoy their favorite games 24/7. Oh, and you should definitely check their library. Remember, if you don’t own any cool AAA titles, there is always the opportunity to play free online games. That’s how anyone can play Fortnite in the browser.

Boosteroid has its own technical solution. It helps avoid Internet connection drops by decreasing the bitrate of the game video stream. Basically, if something happens to your Internet connection (which is a very common thing), you won’t notice huge lags or experience latency. On the other hand, it’s not that easy to develop an infrastructure to run and stream games directly in a browser. If the game streaming is carried out in a browser, it is likely to have minor troubles with packet loss. Boosteroid programmers are working on their software client to provide customers with a choice between stable streaming in the app and gaming in the browser.

A few important details

Here are a few facts you should remember before trying any cloud platform. Every user must have a very stable 15 Mbps Internet connection (both upload and download). Contact your local provider or make a speed test. This would help you understand if you are ready to play games in the cloud.

Something can always go wrong even if you are literally prepared for everything. Like some other services, Boosteroid provides 24/7 support. The platform is currently in beta, so support matters.

So is Boosteroid worth a try? This is a tough question, and at this point you should think about cloud gaming in general. Streaming technology is very promising and it may be everywhere in the next few years. Boosteroid is one of the main players in the European market for now. Sooner or later some of your friends, family, or colleges will talk about it. Be one step ahead, check it out now!