It would be hard to deny the fact that data makes the world go around these days. Just look at the number of people that are glued to their phones. Heck, you are probably reading this from your phone right now. Well, in order to read this, your phone must transmit data. This is just one example of how data is king. There was a time when data and the Internet weren’t so prominent. It is that gap that is known as digital transformation. The world has been digitally progressing slower and slower, but now it is in a position where major changes can occur.

Manufacturing And Retail

Just look at the manufacturing and retail industry. Do you remember when factories used to rely on the human to transport boxes or assemble parts on an assembly line? Well, this is no longer the case at all thanks to all the automation available today. Factories and other similar industries are now utilizing robotic arms and other mechanical devices to not only assemble products but to do all the heavy lifting. This is why many people in the manufacturing industry have lost their jobs.

The retail industry is changing just as fast. Heck, look at the number of customers that are going online now and reading reviews before buying products. Well, companies caught on and starting launching interactive devices and systems that allow customers to review and test products before making a purchase.

Changes In Transportation Industry

Digital transformation has been creeping slowly through the automotive industry for years, but now it really is at its pinnacle. Just look at automated technology. The industry is right on the very verge of creating a vehicle that can drive itself. While this might not be entirely possible just yet, there have been other major innovations that have impacted the transportation industry. Rear-view cameras, back up cameras, and parking assistance programs all now make public transportation more reliable and safer.

The Online Gambling Market

Online gambling has currently reached an all-time high. And, a lot of this is in part to the movement of digital transformation. Thanks to digital transformation, gamblers from all around the world can take advantage of quality bookmakers like Baanpolball right from their phones. All they need is a phone with Internet capabilities, a Wi-Fi connection, and the right betting apps. Once you have these things, which are not hard to come by, you can place bets on sporting events as well as play traditional casino games.

Digital Transformation In Logistics And Supply Chains

It really is blockchain technology that is the true winner in the logistics and supply chain department. And, when you truly understand blockchain technology, it should be more than easy to see why this is the case. Blockchain technology is an innovative type of technology that has revolutionized the entire shipping and receiving process. This technology can track large numbers of shipments over vast periods of time with extreme precision. Not only this, but it is even possible to track each shipment remotely with digital connections protected by cryptographic signatures.