Your business is your livelihood and your pride and joy. Given the priceless nature of your business model, it’s no surprise that as a company owner or executive, you feel strongly about leaving your organization in the best of hands. Star employees can catalyze growth and help your business reach new heights with their glowing work ethic and lucrative skillsets. On the other hand, subpar workers can tank their department’s productivity and sabotage the success of your business in record time. From customer complaints to wasted time, onboarding the wrong employees will drain your business’s time, money, and reputation.

Luckily, talented and valuable workers are out there. The most attractive employees exhibit dependability, optimism, and a knowledge base appropriate for your industry. Still, deciphering whether or not an employee’s skill level is a good fit for your organization isn’t typically the most profound barrier to attaining star workers. Instead, the most significant challenge that businesses face on their journey to building their dream staff is finding and attracting talented employees in the first place.

If you’re ready to trade employee turnover and micro-managing for jobs well done and a team that makes you money, check out these five tips for attracting talented employees to your company.

Attract top talent using a virtual office

Investing in a virtual address is a highly effective addition to your employee recruitment strategy that you never knew you needed. As work-from-home lifestyles become increasingly tangible and appealing, a company that advertises the flexibility offered by a remote workforce is one that will captivate the attention of job-seekers who are eager to work remotely.

With a virtual address in your artillery, like those from iPostal1, you can establish a nationwide presence, which will attract top talent from a wide range of locations. In some instances, an out-of-state office location may deter a hopeful candidate who’s opposed to relocating for work. As a bonus, your virtual address will enable you to achieve a fully remote model. That way, you can wave goodbye to days of office distractions and water cooler gossip and say hello to boosted productivity and retention-improving flexibility.

Get your current employees involved

No one can provide a convincing argument about a workplace’s appeal quite like a current. Leverage your satisfied employees by broadcasting their positive testimonials. That way, you can advertise your business as an exciting, rewarding, and worthwhile professional opportunity.

First-hand accounts of company culture, work-life balance, fair wages, and manageable day-to-day responsibilities can offer prospective employees glimpses into the average workday. Consider filming testimonial videos to post on your company’s social media page. Additionally, you can urge workers to spread the word that you’re hiring or incentivize employees to write positive reviews on hiring sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. Once you start utilizing happy employees as advocates, you’ll be attracting top talent in no time.

Communicate clearly with prospective employees

While snatching up a talented employee is thrilling, the hiring process will yield a lackluster ROI if the company fails to retain the employee for an extended period. Attract long-term workers that will stick around for the long haul by communicating expectations regarding pay, responsibilities, and job description from the get-go.  If you maintain utmost transparency regarding what you realistically can and cannot offer to an employee, they’re much less likely to hit the road after a few weeks of training. However, promising exaggerated benefits or falsely advertising the position is a recipe for disaster and disgruntled employees.

Although painting your company in a favorable light is key to attracting quality employees, answering questions honestly and encouraging open communication during the interview process will help you maintain your reputation as an enticing employer. By expressing your company’s mission and values with clarity and conviction, you can ensure that you’ll interest prospective hires who possess valuable leadership skills and will cooperate with your business.

Elevate the candidate experience

If you want your hiring initiatives to end in acquiring several star employees, make the application process is an enjoyable one for your prospective candidates. Perhaps the most crucial element to preserving your reputation as a fair and attractive employee is the practice of leaving disenchanting hiring habits at the door.

Ghosting applicants, requiring copious unpaid trial assignments, or leaving untrained employees to conduct unprofessional interviews will leave candidates with a poor taste in their mouths and have them running for an interview at a different company. Businesses that make the application process difficult or unpleasant may risk losing their ideal candidates before the second interview. However, those who offer a respectful and organized application experience are more likely to lock down desired hires. Be sure to prioritize pleasant interactions and consider whether or not your hiring process reflects poorly on your business.

Take advantage of digital resources

As social media platforms become more accessible, so do professional networking forums and job-search sites. Job seekers can discover a plethora of information about working for a company after a quick trip to the internet, a momentary google search, or a scroll through social media. Ensuring that your internet presence promotes your business as a forward-thinking workplace is of critical importance.

Investing in paid ads will help you reach more candidates, but properly branding your social media presence will focus your advertisements and put you in front of the correct type of prospective employee. Be mindful of public employee reviews and make a genuine effort to rectify negative comments made on widely accessible sites like Indeed or Glassdoor since a few bad reviews might sour your ideal candidate’s image of the company. Finally, ensure that your social media pages highlight the most attractive aspects of working for your company, and carefully curate an account that you’d be proud to show to future hires.

Before you go

Unfortunately, employers amid the hiring process will have to shake hands with a few frogs before finding their perfect match. Luckily, hiring hope is not lost. Bolstering your business’s appeal through fine-tuning your recruitment process and utilizing practical marketing tools will have you signing talented employees onto your team faster than you can say “you’re hired.”