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When it comes to business, one of the most important things to have is communication. With the people operating within the business, communication is essential to make processes smoother and much more efficient. Not only does communication help the people within that business, but it also helps establish a relationship with customers that’s profitable for the said business.

Many people want to take part in a business. Although some don’t have the funds to start a megacorporation in a single sitting, people opt to run a small business. To improve a small business’s quality, they need to secure the best customer support for their clients. They also need to coordinate on what their wants and needs.

One of the most effective tools in communicating within a business is a phone system. Having a phone system enables your customers to also contact you. If you have quality information about your client, you can make a sure-fire strategy to get more clients than your competitor.

The Advantage Of Having A Phone System

If you have a proper phone system for small businesses, you can track your phone calls’ call duration and overall usage. You can also transfer phone calls to every department, which can save time and effort for your staff and your company.

If one of your departments didn’t answer the phone calls, there is a function called inbound call routing that will route the phone calls to other departments or phone numbers. There is also a component that is called VoIP that can have a toll-free number, which the client can call without charging them a call fee. Here are some phone systems that you can use within your business.


There are many phone call systems available on the market, and one of the best phone systems for small businesses is the Nextiva. The Nextiva offers a set of features that are helpful for small businesses. The Nextiva has a web-based admin support panel that is a friendly user that the company owners and employer can easily understand its features.

Nextiva is a VoIP phone system that includes routing calls, voicemail to email, free domestic calling, online faxing, and many more. It also includes a toll-free number and porting number for standard call features like call forwarding, Caller ID, which is very important, advanced IVR, and custom greetings.

Nextiva also offers extra features like live chat, CRM, call analytics, and an online survey, which will help any small business to reach their vision and improve their service quality. The phone system’s important factors are its phone quality, and the Nextiva can deliver it as per your expectation.


Avaya is making noise in the market. It is the forefront when it comes to a phone system for many years. Avaya combines the phone system and the salesforce, which has many ways to connect the client. Avaya has features that can make any personalized calls to your liking and can capture essential call data.

One of the best features for the Avaya is the integration of network profiles, which can send an email while you are performing calls with the client. With these setups, it can reduce the staff loads and even the load of your IT personnel. You can have better communication and better coordination within your company.

Avaya is easy to set up a new phone and your desired phone extension. It is easy to understand the programmable button and its other unique features. It also has a clear voice connection that allows you to hear the voice of your client.


Another reliable phone system available on the market that you can choose is the ring central. RingCentral is not only for small businesses, but it’s also compatible with all sizes of businesses. The platform and features of RingCentral are call forwarding, caller ID, unlimited calls, call transfer, and many more.

Apart from the mentioned features, it is also capable of video meetings that have screen sharing and integration with the popular Gsuite, Microsoft, Dropbox, and other known services. It also has 1000 minutes for toll-free with a cloud base admin panel that is easy to understand the admin features.


When we are talking about a VoIP phone system, Ooma is one of the best providers for VoIP phone services. It has a toll-free number with 1-800 plus your choice number with a low price to offer. The standard procedure for the toll-free number is a pre-selected number, but you can change it to a new number you prefer if you want.

Ooma has powerful features that include extension dialing, virtual receptionist, mobile phone apps, musing-on-hold, and many more. It has a control panel where you can set up all your phone easily. Adding a member for your new member and managing call would be a piece of cake in the Ooma admin panel.


If you want a budget type phone system with almost the same function as the expensive phone system, the 8×8 is the right phone system for your business. The 8×8 has standard features with call forwarding, voicemail to email audio, number sharing, mobile apps, and more. Although it lacks some of its advanced features for its competitor, the 8×8 can still deliver on what you expect for phone service.


The phone system is crucial if you want your business to expand; responding to the client as quickly as possible is needed. Some people don’t have patience if they encounter a problem or want information for the product or services. The phone system reduces the time of relaying information to the client and giving them a fast response would impact satisfactory services.

As mentioned before, it’s essential for a business to have good communication. One of the most important tools when it comes to communicating is a phone system. With a proper phone system, people that are working within the company can do their tasks efficiently. Not only does it benefit the people working inside, a phone system also makes it easier for them to reach out to potential customers.