While doing your office work on your computer, you might lag behind because of the irritation and strain on your eyes. Ever worried about getting weak eyesight? Having headache issues due to eye strain?

Today we will help you out with this problem. We understand all your effort for your work, don’t worry, we have the best ways to take you out of this problem. Check out the tips which we will provide and those will give you instant relief.

Cucumber on eyes

It is the best and the decent way. Placing the cucumber piece on your closed eye will relieve your strain instantly; you will feel extremely relaxed and calm at that point. You will feel just like it’s a stress buster therapy.

It is the oldest method but a very reliable one. Your eyes will be refreshed, heat will be released and you will feel quite cool and refreshed after removing it. This will help you to recover the headache as well and will solve dark circle problems too.

Have enough sleep

You will have eye strain after working on your laptop or PC, but naturally, you can eliminate it by relaxing. Shut your eyes and have enough sleep. If you are having enough sleep then you can easily beat your eye strain and can work properly. After all, when we sleep is the only time when our eyes get to rest.

If you are not getting enough sleep, along with eye strain you will face many problems. Headache, complications in the decision-making process, loss of focus, less thinking ability, and more. So having a proper sleep will definitely boost you up, you will be more productive after enough sleep.

Use Of Eye Drops Or Have Capsules

You can use eye drops to get instant relief. You will feel ice cool after using certain eye drops. However, excess use will be harmful. So better you should go in a natural and organic way, That’s why we recommended having capsules too.

In terms of capsules, you can get some organic capsules like Crystalix from Colombia. Organic capsules are the best in the market to relieve you from eye strain. It not only relieves you from eye strain but also helps you in many other ways with its organic formula.

You can have other capsules too but going in an organic way should be your goal, chemical will definitely damage your eyes one day. Chemicals can give you instant relief but it will affect you for long term.

Blink Your Eyes

Blinking your eyes more than we normally do will keep your eyes fresh and protected. Many times we don’t blink as much as we should, but while operating a PC or laptop the artificial light can damage your eyesight. Blinking enough will keep your eyes cool and away from strain.

Second thing, apart from blinking don’t use your cellphone after using your PC or laptop for a long time. This will be worse for your eyes and you will definitely deal with a headache next or after some hours.

Wear Computer Glasses

Having computer glasses will be kind of a protection in front of your PC or laptop. The artificial light is very harmful for your sensitive eyes. After hours and hours of work your eyes will turn red and will be watery, you will feel irritation and itchiness.

By having a computer glasses, you will eliminate all the harmful light, will focus the limited light to your eyesight, and will give you a good vision. This will help to not have a bad headache after hours of working on a PC or laptop.


Consume something which contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and omega. These are much-needed vitamins for your body. It will help you in every aspect of building your immunity to having a good eye sight.

In many cases lack of vitamins and hours of work cause problems and health issues, and consuming vitamin A for the eyes is very important. Lack of vitamin A causes loss of vision during night time. Adding vitamins to your diet never hurts and just makes your health better.