Step By Step Guide to Growing Your YouTube Presence

Internet presence is a necessity for every major and minor brand. Even if you’re a celebrity or influencer, no one will know you until or unless you’re on the internet. Youtube is one of the major platforms targeted by all those influencers out there. Many people started with youtube and became a sensation.

Can you tell when the last time you saw a video on YouTube was? I can bet it just a few hours ago. It’s such a huge platform that it can’t be ignored by any marketer out there. If you don’t have a YouTube channel or thinking of starting one, then you’re in luck today because we will provide you a step by step guide to start and grow a YouTube channel.

Define the goal of your channel:

If you want to become a youtube influencer, then you’re a little too late for the party, because the increased and very handy technology has made the competition a little very tight. And it’s tough to get noticed nowadays.

But if you’re serious about starting a Youtube channel, then you need to ask a few questions to yourself. Many people started as a comedian, and many started as educators, what do you primarily want to do over YouTube? Which niche would you like to target? Do you need a reliable video translation service to cater different languages of your video? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before starting a YouTube channel.

Well, the following are also a few goals which could have motivated you to start a youtube channel:

  • Repute Management through YouTube:

Well, here’s a thing about reputation management on Google: You can never be done with it.

Even if your reputation is great over the SERP’s and the results are coming great, you just can’t sit back and relax. One constantly need to work and come up with innovative ideas to maintain the certain reputation.

Many major or minor brands create their YouTube channel for the sole purpose of reputation management and optimization. What can you do on YouTube?

  • Provide an overview of the product/service
  • Put up the videos showing happy and satisfied customers
  • Put visual testimonials or queries of the customers and interact with them
  • Provide an insight into the culture of the organization and how you work.
  • To generate traffic that leads to potential conversions:

Videos are a very great source to convey a message in a short time span. Many of the people don’t like to read the description of specifications rather prefer concise videos. And is clearly very low effort way for the people to see why they need your product.

Many case studies have proved this point.

  • A study of 2011 showed that 140% adds the product to the cart after watching the product video
  • Whereas Animoto survey showed that 96% of people consider videos very helpful in making purchasing decisions
  • Wistia study also found out that visitors that engage with the video content are the potential conversion mostly

That being said, Youtube is an effective platform to host your product video. It’s free, and also provides a great chance to drive more traffic. It exposes the product or service to different communities and helps leading conversions.

  • YouTube create additional alternative traffic and exposure channel for products:

YouTube contains great marketing potential which no niche can afford to ignore. And is an impeccable discovery engine.

Imagine your video in the suggestions after your competitor’s product review. It most certainly increases chances of your product/service to be found online. And also have a fair chance that your competitor’s customer can jump on to your product after watching the overview. Right?

Just being on YouTube can increase your chance of getting found and generating conversions.

Again YouTube isn’t easy at all, and it is a hell of a journey to make to the top 10’s. But for low competition and uncommon niche, it is easily attainable.

Note: In order to build a build traffic inside from YouTube, you ought to create your channel have 10,000 public views to become a YouTube partner. Once you become an approved YouTube partner, you can put clickable links of your site within your videos. And can also build up your own site through the derived traffic from videos.

Develop a calendar for videos:

Any sort of content requires a proper brainstorming session to form a thoughtful product, same is the case with video content.

Planning everything through make its implementation easier. That is why I create an editorial calendar to keep track of my videos schedule. How do I create it?

  • Keyword– Firstly I shortlist the keywords to be used
  • Use question research to come up with more refined and specific ideas
  • Use seasonality for every piece of content so that you use the content for the right event
  • Allocate proper time to produce and promote a piece

You can learn about the exact format of my video editorial from the image below.

  • For keyword search and Question Research:

I prefer using Serpstat for the keyword search and question research because of their unique clustering feature. For each keyword list, you provide, Serpstat use google search result page to locate the overlapping and that of the similar URLs, which help evaluate how different terms are co-related into your list. On the basis of similarity, they cluster them into groups.

The grouping makes the planning easier by making you see the concept behind every keyword group.

Video Production:

Video production can be frightening, especially when you have a limited budget. But with all the technological advancement and accessibility it is much easier than it ever was.

As I remember when I made my first YouTube video the budget was quite low. So keeping in mind the low budget following are few video types and tools you can use and still can ensure affordability.

Following are a few ideas:

  • Create attractive visual testimonials, promo videos, and visual takeaways by using Animoto. It’s quite user-friendly and is very fun to use.
  • You can create video tutorials with iMovie which is free for Mac users. It may require a little time to understand, but one can easily understand it in a week or so.
  • You can create video interviews with niche influencers using Blue Jeans.
  • You can easily create presentations by using Click Meeting. It works by hosting a webinar and recording it as a permanent brand asset.
  • How to outsource the video production inexpensively:

The most obvious way to outsource video production is through freelance sites. Enormous talent is sitting there to make some bucks. Searching through the fiver gigs will give you a great idea about the capability of the providers out there.

Optimize each page of the video:

After uploading your videos on the YouTube, spend ample time to optimize each and every page of it.

  • Video Description:

Add sufficient, meaningful and short description to the video containing the tags, and keywords. The description is important while optimizing a video page. Video Descriptions can also be obtained through different services like freelancing or Speechpad etc.

  • Video’s Title:

Video title should describe itself and have to be catchy. It should contain the following features:

  • Focus keyword (if there is any)
  • Product or brand name
  • Speakers or vocalist name when applied. It could include the twitter handle or name of the person (totally depends on you)
  • Use of hashtags
  • Name of the event
  • If you’re managing a local business, then do add city, state or country’s name
  • An interactive and catchy thumbnail:

A well-formed thumbnail can be made or retrieved through several royalty-free sources. You can create a catchy thumbnail by using Canva. It’s very easy and friendly to use.

Generate as many clicks and engagements as possible:

YouTube use specific metrics to determine how often a video should be suggested next to other related videos. It also determines how high a video rank in search results should. In order to improve the click and engagement rate, the following tips can be of great help to you:

  • Create a clickable table of content to drive people instantly in:

Most of the time we want to watch a specific part of a video. Facilitating people in doing so can improve the chance of engagement and ranking. So provide a clickable table of content that informs the user about different parts of the video and provides a deep view of the video.

  • Use social media extensively to generate views:

Promoting your video on social media can increase the chances of getting a load of traffic.

  • Embed the videos to your site:

Embed the video on your own website page and promote your own URL instead of the youtube. This has a great importance.

  • Avoid Auto plays:
    Auto plays to screw up your YouTube stats. YouTube by default provides the feature of autoplay. As social media people are mostly lurkers and click a video and leave it instantly. However, if you promote the page with your video embedded only the interested people will go to that link and will actually pay head to the content available.
  • Invest time and effort for your page rather than promoting YouTube:

Promoting your own URL helps you to market your own site and also drive you the traffic. It will ensure that people are interacting with your brand rather than YouTube.

There are several ways to embed YouTube videos into your personal blog or website, which you can easily learn online.

Build Playlists:

Playlist creation can help you achieve the following two important goals:

  • Keep your viewers engaged with your videos longer:

Videos present in a playlist will keep on playing in a loop until stopped.

  • Creating separate brand assets of your own:

Playlist URLs rank both in YouTube and Google which drives little extra exposure to your videos and brand overall.

By using a playlist, you can also customize the overall appeal of your YouTube channel and also provide the subscribers a glimpse of additional things you offer.

Monitor the progress on a daily basis:

Monitoring the progress and analyzing the data is quite important. Nowadays data is considered the DNA of the business. Whereas it also requires a great internet connection that constantly keeps you connected to the internet world. Xfinity internet is my favorite internet connection. It provides the best speeds at reasonable rates.

  • Topvisor:

Topvisor is the only rank tracker used to monitor the YouTube rankings. You may have to create a new project for each of your videos which is a real pain but it lets you monitor multiple keywords you’re targeting in your videos.

Well, my common practice is to monitor the focus keyword, my brand name and other specific information I included in the video.

  • YouTube Analytics:

YouTube itself provides a great deal of insight into your channel and each individual video. It allows you to know how your channel and videos are doing and help you build your past a success. What does YouTube analytics offer?

  • You can monitor the traffic sources, i.e., you know the source or origin of the traffic. It helps you figure out from which source the most of your traffic is coming and also help you see your shortcomings.
  • It also lets you monitor the number of times your video was included in the viewer’s playlist, favorites, data range, etc. There are several other filters which do a little deep information.
  • Also presents the average duration of each video.
  • YouTube analytics also let you monitor that how many subscribers or comments a specific video brings.
  • A dashboard overview of YouTube channel:

If you upload at least one video to your YouTube channel. Then you can set up a dashboard to view an overall picture of your channel. The dashboard allows you to monitor the overall performance of the channel and also point out the bad days and not so responsive videos.

This step by step guide is very thorough for a new person who wants to get on to the YouTube. I hope it allows you to build a successful channel that not only get you traffic on the site and YouTube channel but also lead to conversions.

Author Bio:

Robert James is an MIS with a vast experience and research on personal and home security tech and gadgets. He also writes on Xfinity Internet Packages. He is an MMA Fighter and Technology enthusiast with a will to act. Tech Writer and Researcher with a flare to review the latest security tech and gadgets