Your marketing team works hard, but they can’t do it all. Sometimes they will need help to stay organized, make deadlines and complete their tasks without any errors. That’s where these online office tools come in:

1. Digital Analysis and Reporting Software

Your team can simplify client marketing reports with centralized analytics provided by a digital analysis and reporting software, effectively taking the tedious chore off of their to-do list. Instead of manually combing through online metrics and composing weekly reports, they can turn to lightweight enterprise software that automatically completes that task for them.

Using AI to analyze digital marketing metrics and create reports will accomplish these goals:

  • It will save employees time and effort
  • It will eliminate the chances of human error
  • It will inform the team on how to reach their KPIs (key performance initiatives)

Consider partnering with Morphio to get this type of digital analysis and reporting. You can get access to all of their innovative features, like anomaly detection and audience segmentation.

2. Instant Messaging Platform

Instant messaging platforms like Slack or HipChat are vital workplace tools because they allow for effective team communication without disturbing the productive office environment. You don’t have to make phone calls, arrange for meetings or walk across the building to tell someone the latest news about their project. By sending a group message, you can alert your team to any updates without pulling them away from their desks.

It’s also much easier than sending a single team email and getting twenty replies at different times of the day. An instant messaging platform fulfills the same purpose as a group email without the messy results. With this essential tool, you can keep your team up-to-date and your inbox nice and tidy.

3. Cloud Storage

Filing cabinets are a thing of the past. You barely need to make paper copies anymore. All of your documents are digital now. To keep those files from clogging up your desktop, you should get access to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. These will let you safely store your digital files and share them with select members of your team.

4. Project Management Tools

The job can get hectic. Sometimes employees are juggling so many tasks that they have trouble keeping track of every single deadline. These important due dates can’t slip anyone’s mind. That’s how you delay projects and upset clients — or worse, lose them for good.

That’s why your team needs to invest in a project management tool like Pivotal Tracker or Todoist to keep track of crucial tasks and looming deadlines. The whole team (including the manager) will be aware of the progress that’s being made on certain projects, how much time is left until the due date and what other tasks are left on the table. With an organizational application, you can prevent any embarrassing slip-ups and delays from now on.

These aren’t ultra-futuristic gadgets. These are simple software programs and downloadable apps that are designed to fuel productivity and limit inaccuracy at the workplace. Your marketing firm should consider getting all four of them. The move would be an incredible way to invest in the team.