Baby Laying on Brown Wicker Basket

The arrival of a baby is one of the most momentous events of any parents’ life. Also, it is an equally joyous occasion for all the near and dear ones; which creates one big wave of celebration. Those tiny feet and cute as a button nose can make your heart skip a teeny-tiny beat!

Speaking of this, with a newborn in the family comes to the dilemma of managing to grab the best baby hamper as a present. And, we understand how confusing it could be if you are someone who hasn’t tasted parenthood as of yet. However, everyone tries their level best to gift something out of the box regardless of whether someone has been a parent or not,

Therefore, we are here for your rescue as we are bringing you five gift ideas which can save and in turn, make the day!

A Photo Album:

It is everyone’s priority to be able to gift new parents something they can make good use of or hold it close to their heart. In such a case, nothing could beat a cutesy photo album. It can prove to be a gift that the parents will surely cherish. It can be their outlet for recording their baby’s first-year milestones.

Recording little details like weight and birth time can be their little way of expressing affection to their baby for him to look back to as and when he grows up.

DIY Gifts:

Nothing can compare to a handmade gift! DIY brings with itself an excellent room for oozing out all of that creative streak. Handmade stuff such as knitted sweaters with matching socks and caps can or quilts can make the cut.

For a more personalized touch, you can have the baby’s name embroidered too. The best option could be gifting some handmade traditional clothing item.

Gift Vouchers:

In case you could not make it in time enough to be able to buy a gift, gift vouchers, or gift cards can be the best option. Also, this is perhaps a better and quite a smart option since the new parents can use it in any way they wish too and buy things as per their own needs and choice. It balances out both practical and sentimental values perfectly.

A Silver Piece:

Considering the benefits silver has, it is a promising choice for a gift. Silver comes a good load of positive vibes. When we talk about silver, we do not typically mean a jewelry item only.  It could be anything from silver bangles, anklets to a silver spoon or bowl. It just got to be silver, folks!

Teaching Kits:

If you want to gift something which has some educational importance keeping in mind the future needs, then preparing kits for kids could be a suitable choice. Such packages may even include a variety of teaching mediums such as puppets, CD/DVD set of rhymes, playing or building blocks.