Coffee Drinking
Coffee Drinking

When you think of the word Coffee, it just brings smiles to your face. Coffee has always been associated with kick-starting the day and being energetic. It is one of those beverages that has a huge fan following around the world and that too in every age group. Especially Kona Coffee, which is made in Hawaii, has gotten fantastic reviews over the years. It’s truly a coffee every coffee lover should try. Everyone knows pretty much what Coffee is but the art and science involved in coffee making and coffee drinking is not everyone’s forte. While people do know that preparing the right coffee needs some skill and knowledge, they do find it weird when they are told that even drinking the coffee the right way is important. Here is everything that you need to know about Coffee, even if you are just a consumer and not into prepping up the coffee.

The Crema

Good coffee is all about aroma. The intensity of aroma is also a great way to evaluate how strong or light the flavor will be. When you get an Espresso, focus on the tan layer sitting at the top, which is known as the Crema. The darker this Crema is, the stronger your Espresso will be. Sniff and stir your coffee mug to exude rich aromas and flavor.

Slurp All the Way

Every etiquette book in the world will tell you that you should never slurp your beverage and should always sip it without making any sound. However, that etiquette game is a fail if you want to enjoy your coffee with the right flavor and aroma. When you slurp your coffee instead of sipping, you release air into your beverage which allows you to excess every layer of flavor that exists in your coffee. This richness of flavor is not possible to be enjoyed with those sophisticated sips. Therefore, do not bother about being judged next time and slurp your coffee all the way.

The Coffee Vocab

Coffee has its own vocabulary, and it is not only cool to know all the terminologies, but it also helps you in distinguishing different types of coffee from one another. If you want to distinguish milk-based and water-based Espresso, Latte and Lungo coffee are the right terminologies. Latte means “milk” in Italian and therefore means you will have milk added to your coffee. On the other hand, if you are a fan of black water-based Espresso, then it is Lungo for you.

Cappuccino is another milky variant with an added element of a creamy froth element at the top. That means that when you have your coffee, you will experience the foam first followed by a rich, creamy hot coffee bed. Generally, Latte is much milkier than a Cappuccino yet the latter is richer and creamier in terms of flavor.

Just like the milk-based variants, water-based coffee has its own variants too. While Lungo is more watery if you want a water-based Espresso that is more concentrated and stronger in terms of flavor than a Ristretto is what you are looking for.

Water Based or Milk Based?

True caffeine and coffee fan will always recommend you string water-based black coffee. However, milk-based coffees exist for a reason. The strong black coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea so if you like richer smoother coffee look for creamier variants. At the end of the day, coffee is all about the experience.