House Number Plaques
House Number Plaques

A ‘plaque’ is the ornamental tablet that is normally made of porcelain, metal or wood. It’s fixed to the wall or some other place in commemoration of an event or person. On the other hand, a ‘plate’ is the flat and small piece of a metal or some other material that bears an inscription or name and is attached to your door or some other surface.

In the UK, most people say signs with the house numbers on them that is ‘house number plates’ because they kink the words ‘numbers’ and ‘plate’ as there’s a general term “car number plate.”

A lot of people call the hand-painted signs ‘house number plaques‘ though technically these signs do not typically commemorate an event. It is just because the ‘plaque’ gives an impression of exclusiveness.

In the UK, many people call the house address signs and name signs as ‘house signs’; however, Americans call these ‘address markers’ or ‘yard signs.’

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what people call the house sign as it’s big enough for many individuals to read this from the road so this would be doing its primary job.

Top-Down Numbers

If you do not have ample space on your home’s exterior for displaying your house number, skip drilling into the brick and merely mount the house numbers in a vertical position on your underutilized garage column.

On Your Fence

You can install 4” flush mount house numbers on the exterior surface which offers fantastic contrast: privacy painted wood fence.

Wallflowers No More

You can showcase your house numbers—and the green thumb—by just embellishing your home’s exterior with the house number plaque which does look great as the wall-mounted number plaque planter for the seasonal blooms. They might be artificial.

The Glamour of Your Garage

Select a set which matches perfectly the color and style of the garage’s existing hardware—like for instance, mount 4” ebony flush house numbers directly above your garage door.

Right Frame

The cottage-style abode is always very helpful. If you have a framed house number plaque by the entry of your house, then it is just a picture-perfect exterior. For making the entry of your home equally photogenic then you can consider securing 4” nickel flush house numbers inside the vintage oval frame, without the glass.

The Grass Is Greener

Fill a frame along with some artificial grass, and top this with 5” brass numbers. Hang this rich and lush plaque at your eye level.

Under the Light

In case, the houseguests face difficulty in finding your home address in the evening then give your guests a guiding light via mounting house number plate beneath the exterior sconce.

Knock On Wood

A homemade house number plaque, be this quite simple, is very tough to beat. Thin 5” black “floating” house number plate carries a sweeter punch of personality.

Roof Raise

You can craft from some pallet wood and then suspend your number plaque by the ropes from your roof. The unconventional house number plaque will make a great addition to your front porch