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Construction projects can get out of hand pretty quickly. There’s so much to manage, from keeping everybody on the crew safe, assigning tasks accordingly, and ensuring that those tasks get completed on time and with no mistakes, contractors might need some help keeping all the components of a project organized. Construction management software is the easiest and most convenient way to manage a construction project. Certain software will specialize in residential or commercial software, and we break down which residential software programs are the best way to keep your project organized, and your team on track.

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Bridgit Bench

Bridgit Bench is a construction management program designed to help companies and contractors keep track of resources, including workers and physical items.

The Gantt view is one of Bridgit Bench’s most notable features. It allows users to visualize their resource allocations using the familiar Gantt chart layout. This makes dependencies and overlapping allocations incredibly obvious, helping project managers address them more effectively.

Bridgit Bench also boasts integrations with a number of other great residential construction project management tools, including Procore (up next on the list).

The developer (Bridgit) recently received a $7 million USD investment from legendary construction software producer Autodesk, signaling even more great features to come.

Procore offers several different tiered pricing options, which you can request more information about here.

Procore Management

Get instant notifications on project changes, ensuring no one misses a memo and the entire team stays on the same page when it comes to project requirements and deadlines. Keep contractors, subcontractors and the client themselves all connected so no one is left out of the construction progress and planning changes. Keep your team moving fluidly when no one risks getting misinformed.

Procore boasts a unique feature that lets the project head or contractor create project reports. The project reports allow you to log entries for every step of the project to ensure proper documentation that As the leader of the project make sure all policies are followed with the report feature.

Procore allows you to keep logs of every step of the project to keep reputable records, should disputes arise between clients or to settle any legal matters.

Procore has three different pricing plans that you can find here, and even includes customizable options that let you choose the features and benefits that best suit your business.

3. Knowify Management Software

Knowify’s software is great for residential projects specifically because this software hosts special managing features beyond the standard construction process and helps you track other types of residential projects like managing plumbing costs, painting, roofing, and HVAC costs. This all in one software management tool helps managers control aspects of their projects from end-to-end.

Knowify helps you balance bids, contracts, and manage project timelines. Your employees can also submit expenses and how long it takes them to complete a task. Manage your project and your team all in one place to make sure the job stays on track.

Knowify pricing plans start at $54 a month.

4. Trimble: The Free Construction Management Software

The free app Trimble is another great option and one of the few free construction management software in today’s market. You can choose to buy upgrades for special features, but Trimble offers full customer support, consolidates data, and keeps all your important documents in one place.


GANTTPro offers a full system of features at a reasonable price, allowing you to manage your projects and team with ease and without breaking the bank.

With Ganttpro you can create custom templates for your project that’s easy for you and your team to read and use. Use budget rockets to ensure that the project is not exceeding the client’s expenses and monitor where the money is going.

Not only can you track deadlines but you can also track how long it takes specific team members to complete certain tasks. GANTTPro is designed to leave no stone unturned when it comes to construction management. All aspects of a project are at your fingertips for you to monitor and intervene if necessary.

Check out the pricing plans for GANTTPro here.

6. Acculynx

This management software is specifically for roofing contracts. Acculynx helps your business win more jobs with features such as the live activity feed to help you stay up to date on changes instantly. Use the customer portal to share documents and information without leaving the comfort of Acculynx, thereby keeping all interactions in one convenient place. Acculynx also lets you keep your permits, supplements, and mortgage check tracking all together so you can easily pull important documents whenever required.

Build your templates to quickly put together estimates for jobs and projects and send them off to clients quickly to win bids. With Acculynx you can also take and share photos of the project and share within the software as well as track the trajectory of your sales to manage how well your business is doing.

Request pricing for Acculynx here

7. eSub Construction Software

eSub specializes in management software for subcontractors. Allowing subcontractors to manage and organize different contracts and keep organized with the calendar feature. You can set milestones and reminders to help you reach your goals. Connect with contractors and clients to help win jobs and expand your network. And gain unlimited file storage to share files with your team.

To experience eSUb request a demo here.

8. BuildTools

BuildTools has over a dozen different specialized features to help you keep your project and targets on track. Benefit from the use of financial statement reporting to make sure you’re staying on top of your job’s budget. Use redlining tools to make sure you and your team are working from the most current plans and no accidental changes or mistakes will be made. Benefit from the Selections library that allows your client to approve changes on the go. Connect with the client and designer all in one place so that everybody stays up to date and is all on one page. End miscommunications with BuildTools easy to access communication pages.

BuildTools is a little more expensive than other software programs but you can check out their pricing here.

If you’re looking to stay on top of multiple projects and improve your organizational skills, try construction management software. These top-of-the-market programs help contractors and subcontractors ensure all jobs are completed ina timely manner and on budget, with no aspect of the job getting overlooked or left to the last minute. Alleviate some of the stress of managing large scale residential projects by tracking all documents, deadlines, plan changes, and invoices in one place. May changes happen quickly on a construction site and the last thing you want is to be managing an unorganized project. An unorganized construction site can easily lead to unfinished jobs and loss of revenue, so choose a software program that fits your project needs, whether that’s finding subcontractors to help out your team or staying on budget, there’s a residential construction project management software for you.