The video is the most-watched media on the web. On Instagram, video ads perform better than image ads. But high-quality video content is essential to get the desired results. Here, we will discuss how to create good Instagram video content and how to get followers on Instagram through your Instagram videos. There is a lot of video container format that Instagram offers you. You can give them all video formats a try but choose one that is more suitable for your resources.

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How to get Instagram followers by Instagram video content

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is the best way to get your followers engaged. It is the of the moment content that quickly strikes up the conversation. There is no need to make planning for live videos like Instagram stories. Here are two simple tips to make sure your live video is good as it can be:

Be real: Think about what you want to say to your audience when you go live. When you are responding to your audience’s questions in a Q&A session, keep it casual.

Invite others: Share your screen with your pals, industry peers, or influencers in live sessions together. Make your live videos to bring another aspect to the conversation.

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Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are an integral part of Instagram’s marketing strategy. It is the best way to engage your followers with simple yet fun content. Moreover, you can reach a large number of people with the help of hashtags. For example, geotags, hashtags, and tagging other brands and big accounts. Having more Instagram likes means having more authenticity in the business.

• You can share non-edited content with your stories. But your content should be spontaneous and amusing. It is the ephemeral type of content that lasts for 24 hours. But you can add them to your Instagram profile as a highlight underneath your profile bio. If you are a brand and want to get followers on Instagram using video content, then showcase your brand in your videos. Make videos that reflect the theme of your brand and upload them to your stories. You can also use a mix of photos and videos for your stories.

Use multiple clips: Instagram allows you to add a 15-sec story, but if you want to add an in-depth video to your stories, then use multiple clips. Shoot a video under a minute because people don’t want to watch more than a minute-long video. Once you have recorded the video on the phone, then edit this video in multiple clips (a clip of 15 seconds). Now upload these video clips chronologically to tell a narrative.

Have fun with stickers: Instagram offers a variety of stickers to choose from to add some fun to your videos. By adding stickers, you can draw attention to the specific video part or add some humor to the video. Use the poll sticker to know more about your followers. It is a good way to boost your engagement that in turn gives you a number of new followers.