No matter how big or small a business is, it is vulnerable to a phishing attack. Are you wondering what a phishing attack is and why should you beware of it?

A phishing attack is an attempt to gain access to sensitive and confidential information like usernames, passwords, network credentials, credit card details, and more. The purpose of phishing attacks is usually theft or invasion of confidential data that can be valuable for any business.

A small business is more vulnerable to such an attempt owing to the fact that a small business most likely does not have a distinctive IT department or a handsome budget to take proper precautionary measures.

Phishing attacks are most commonly made via emails. Did you know that half of the emails you receive every day are scams? These emails contain external links, which, when accessed, can result in compromised privacy. The attachments and links in these emails are malicious and may appear genuine and authentic.

To be able to protect your business, you should be equipped with appropriate knowledge and should have a sound understanding of the steps that are to be taken in case a phishing attack is made. You need to worry. These phishing protection tips for small business are sure to help you be prepared proactively.

Install Antivirus Software and Spam Filters

One of the simplest, yet the most important step is often overlooked by businesses. Antivirus programs are an essential tool to identify a phishing email or malware before they find their way in your mailbox. Good antivirus software not only protects you from any suspicious activities but also ensures continuous, ongoing protection at all times.

Update All Your Software

To make sure that you are well protected from any phishing attempt, you have to ensure that software that is being used to run the business is up to date. Many worms and malware exploit the vulnerabilities which are fixed by new software updates. Sometime, you may receive a fake notification to update your software, which is a type of malware that has been cleverly disguised. It is advised to turn update software automatically’ feature on.

Purchase Cyber Insurance

A survey shows that 60% of the businesses that are a victim to privacy breaches go out of business within 6 months of a phishing attack. Therefore, it is important to purchase cyber insurance. Regular business insurances do not cover cyber attacks and that is why purchasing cyber insurance is necessary

Educate Employees

A common misconception is that a business that is small is not under the danger of a phishing attack. In reality, a phishing attack can be made on any business, big or small, making phishing protection for small business equally important. Many people are not aware of the possible ways a phishing attack can be made, which makes educating your employees extremely important. Educate your employees about ways of identifying phishing emails and avoiding clicking on any external links they receive from unidentified sources.

Practice Drills

To analyze how well informed your employees are about phishing attacks, running drills or real-time testing is a good idea. Create and send phishing emails to your staff, asking them to click on an external link. In case an employee clicks on the link, they will land on a page where they will be informed of their error.

Keeping your business safe from fraudulent or phishing attacks requires vigilance and attention. By taking the right measures at the right time, your business can be made safe and secure.