You don’t need to be sold the benefits of coffee. We’re all on the same page there. Although you may not have thought about how the ritualistic act of having a coffee is one that brings people together, it’s a moment shared with your partner in the morning before the rat race begins, or a time to catch up with a co-worker before and during the working day. If you hadn’t quite considered how a coffee machine could add social value to your day, here’s what comes with your cappuccino.

Accessible for all

Wherever you are, chances are you are a short distance from a coffee. Why not bring that bean aroma inside your own home or office so that you can share a coffee with your family, friends, and coworkers. There is a misconception that a coffee machine is an expensive purchase, but it doesn’t have to be. Some coffee enthusiasts go down the coffee machine rental road so that they can have the best machines available without the price or maintenance commitment. Understand what features you need in your home or office, and narrow in on the machine style that will best meet your needs and bring your people together.

The ultimate reprieve

It’s so important to take five minutes out of the day to clear the mind and disengage from a task or body of work that is demanding your attention. Unfortunately for most people, this will entail staring at the phone and mindlessly scrolling. An act that does not re-invigorate and is wildly unsocial. Choosing to spend that time having a coffee will encourage you to take in your surroundings, and share the reprieve with another person. There is something so freeing about being lost in a spreadsheet, only to be interrupted by someone asking if they want to go get a coffee. You need only look around a chatty cafe environment to see that this the coffee culture is promoting connections. Replace your digital time-wasting with an enjoyable social exchange.

Bridges connections

There is a reason that more and more interviews will take place in a coffee shop. It fosters a comfortable relationship, and it provides a casual encounter for those who may be meeting one another for the first time. Removing the coffee can become an intimidating environment, one that doesn’t feel like both parties are sharing an experience together. For coworkers and direct reports, this coffee exchange may be that missing piece of the puzzle that allows for a more dynamic working relationship outside of the working environment, and one that gets the best out of you both.

Lingering longer

Nothing compares to the cathartic act of ordering a coffee and dessert at the end of a beautiful meal. Whether at home or in a restaurant, it’s an excuse to linger a little longer and enjoy the company. Coffee at the end of a meal always signals conversation, and whether you enjoy one before, during or after a meal – it keeps the table lingering longer. Having a coffee machine in your home or office means that you can create these moments as you wish, encouraging longer conversations and deeper connections at your next dinner party, meeting, or work event.


That productivity boost that your coffee so readily provides is just the tip of the iceberg. With each cup, you can be creating new or strengthening existing relationships, in a format that feels authentic and casual. Some people go as far as to leverage this habit in a professional and personal capacity, with the coffee exchange guiding the way. Add the benefit of bringing people together to that pro list when deciding to buy a coffee, and enjoy far more than a skip in your step.