Is TikTok really just one youth consuming frivolous content in the form of lipsticks, endless dancing, and weird challenges? Is there an “alternative TikTok”?

Here are some international TikTok statistics:

  • Downloaded more than 2 billion times

  • Ranked first in the world in terms of downloads, followed by Facebook and WhatsApp

  • Daily active audience of 800 million users

  • Active audience is expected to grow to 1.2 billion users in 2021

  • Available in 150 markets worldwide, in 39 languages

  • TOP-5 popular markets are India, USA, Turkey, Russia, Mexico

  • 67.5% of users are over 20 years old.

How do TikTok algorithms work?

Why do some people install TikTok and immediately demolish it? Do others stay long on TikTok, create accounts, and become out-of-the-box brand ambassadors?

Let`s try to explain in simple terms how the algorithms work inside TikTok.

To begin with, TikTok is artificial intelligence. When you register on the platform, the algorithms face a non-trivial task to get to know you, to understand: what are your interests and preferences.

In part, TikTok takes basic inputs from the data you enter during registration, but this is not enough to customize the content for you. Therefore, in the recommendation feed, TikTok begins to show you completely different content: lipsticks (singing to the soundtrack), dancing, travel, trends, trash, and if you’re lucky, educational content.

Depending on the reaction to the content, TikTok is getting better at understanding your preferences. Moreover, the algorithms are deeply rooted.

From your eyes “blood was flowing”, you “spat” from the trash you saw, BUT watched the video to the end, proudly not putting a like? – do not be surprised that you will come across videos of a similar format more and more often.

Why? Because you watched the video to the end. TikTok’s algorithms have decided that you like this kind of content.

One of the most important metrics in TikTok is viewing depth. The platform is interested in users spending more time inside it.

It seems to you that you have not done anything, and TikTok has already made conclusions about your behavior 🙂

Thus, as soon as you register. Be prepared for TikTok to take days, possibly weeks, to start serving you relevant content. This time you just need to endure, and not run away from TikTok, making superficial conclusions about the platform’s nearness (which is not true).

Essentially, TikTok is continuous targeting. Algorithms target content either to you or your content to someone. Based on: geo-location, gender, age, interests, reactions to content, etc. They just do it automatically, without the help of targeting experts.

How to go through the adaptation period on TikTok without losing consciousness by setting up an adequate feed?

If you are interested in a specific area, then simply enter your request in the TikTok search. Several tabs will appear in front of you at once:

“Best” – the tab where TikTok algorithms recommend the most interesting content on the topic

“People” – a tab where you will see all bloggers filming material on this topic

“Video” – a tab with a reflection of all videos on the topic of the request

“Music” – a tab with music, under which the topic was covered

“Hashtags” – a tab with similar queries

By taking the initiative in TikTok, you will immediately find relevant content, subscribe to the bloggers you like, help algorithms to quickly identify your interests, and customize the recommendation feed for the content that suits you. No magic. Common sense and understanding of the “basics of algorithms”. Otherwise, it will take you weeks for the algorithms to figure you out. Why waste time?

What does an “alternative TikTok” look like?

In fact, “alternative TikTok” has a very rich “flora and fauna”. In it you will meet representatives of all stripes and spheres: from CEOs to freelancers, from pilots to lawyers.

These people do not take off lipsticks, do not sing or dance (We have nothing against entertaining content). They share their expertise and do it in a cool, exciting, exciting, and new way.

For some people, after TikTok, it became incredibly boring for them to be on other social networks. Because if you find an “alternative TikTok”, then the concentration of meaning per unit of the video begins to go off the scale. 

We are convinced that in 2021, even more, adult audiences, interesting experts will enter TikTok, competition will increase, and monetization of the personal brand and the opportunities for the development of companies in TikTok will increase. TikTok is a helpful social network for attracting attention and TikTok followers to any business.