The work-from-home trend is increasingly gaining popularity ever since the pandemic shuts everything down. COVID-19 has left the whole world in a challenging dilemma. The present situation is hitting all sectors, both financially and economically. The halt in the in-person trades and restrictions for gathering leaves not many choices for businesses but allowing their employees to work remotely.

This is manageable thanks to the technological revolution, which is a key driver to encourage the work-from-home trends today. This is adding a wide array of opportunities for the individuals that were already seeking online jobs. For that instance, many students seek degrees that can allow them to pursue careers within the comfort of their homes.

Modern technology eliminates boundaries to extend the opportunities for individuals to work for a variety of roles without leaving their homes. Some specific degrees can allow you to thrive and achieve your career goals in a home-based job. With that said, let’s discuss top degrees to consider for online jobs.


While seeking degree options, many students never give much thought to pursue a degree in any language. Meanwhile, today with an English major, you can easily pursue a professional career as a writer or editor without leaving home. You can even earn a professional BA English online degree to kick start the career within the comfort of your home.

Today, many aspirants are working as full-time writers or editors for renowned industries. Not just that, but they also write blog posts, essays, and researches for online and physical publications. The specialized training will extend your skillset to transform thoughts into words and assist businesses in marketing copies.

Information Technology

If there is one thing that is setting the stage for online jobs, then that would be information technology. The rapid prevalence of technology is encouraging students to pursue a career in this field. Moreover, it is offering a plethora of opportunities all over the globe to either work for traditional or home-based jobs. You can pursue the degree programs from bachelor in computer science, software engineering, information technology, or systems. While earning an education in this field, you will prepare for programming, problem-solving, and essential research skills for professional jobs. On the other side, you will also acquire skills to manage work remotely.


Another important degree you can pursue is in the business field. We are now well aware of how the COVID-19 pandemic has badly hit the business sector across the globe. Now with the vaccination rolling out, there are high hopes for the economy to recover. Both existing and new businesses seek experts to kick start the business after the long cooldown from the lockdowns.

For that instance, they seek individuals with a degree in business administration, business management, or entrepreneurship. These professional degrees train the individuals to focus on the efforts with leadership and business management. Critical and communication skills can assist businesses in achieving their goals through effective marketing and sales.

Even better, you can pursue a professional career in business with an online job. Most of the higher-level position requires full-time office work. However, you can work for business consulting, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship from your home. As companies flock to the digital landscape, they are offering opportunities for digital marketers to serve the role of promoting the products and services. You can earn the skills from professional degrees to devise effective digital marketing strategies to boost lead generation and sales.


Along with business management, accounting also steps in to enable the aspirants to work from home. According to research, accounting has a very promising job outlook with a 4% projection in the coming year. The accounting field is set to add more than 60,000 jobs in the coming years. With these statistics, it is easy to say that accounting is the right degree to earn in 2021. With an accounting degree, you can qualify for a work-from-home position. Moreover, you can also start solo practice as an independent certified public accountant (CPA) to assist businesses with tax payments and financial advisors.


We are going through times where people are prioritizing health over everything. The pandemic consequences have left the healthcare sector with vast shortages of professionals for different positions. You can consider earning a degree in healthcare to cover these voids and serve the role to make a difference in society. Some degrees offer the comfort of working from home on career options like health informatics, healthcare administrator, or medical billing.

Final Words

With the pandemic still soaring around the globe, no one exactly knows when the world will return to normal. But one thing is sure, that work-from-home trend will continue in the future. The main reason behind it is that businesses now realize the positive impact of allowing the workforce to operate from home. Moreover, it also helps in encouraging people to expand their skills by continuing their education.