The global job market has undergone a paradigm shift in recent times. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has led to people either losing jobs or working on a part-time basis. According to a UN Agency, about 25 million jobs could be impacted due to the pandemic. It has also caused many people to work remotely, opening up opportunities for companies to hire talent globally.

The results are a large and global talent pool available for recruiters. So, how do recruiters shift through the numerous resumes to find the right candidate? AI comes to the rescue in the form of a robust Applicant tracking system (ATS). There has never been a better time for a recruiter, as you have access to an ocean of talent to fish from, and the technology to support it. Here is what you need in an agile ATS.

Multi-Device Application

As many as 89% of job searches are being carried out on mobile devices. So, having an ATS compatible with desktops and mobile devices is necessary. By allowing candidates to do more with their mobile devices, you can expect higher application completion rates.

Application Parsing

Receiving application is one thing, parsing through them is another. If a recruiter had to analyze hundreds of applications for a single job posting, the recruitment cost would be very high. A robust ATS will have features to receive applications and analyze and sort them based on your criteria. Parsing allows you to quickly sort through applications and select those that will go through to the next stage.

CV Storage

While not all CVs fit your current job postings, they have qualifications that you may need in the future. By storing CVs under relevant headings, you can always look them up when you have relevant job postings. A CV database saves time and money for releasing ads and starting all over.

Social Media Posting

With a fully functional applicant tracking system, you can post your requirements on various social media platforms. There are only 8% of global internet users, not on social media. It means a higher response rate for each job posting. With access to a lot of talent, you can find the most talented candidates for your position.

A smart ATS also allows candidates to apply via the social media page. It allows you to pull relevant profiles and CVs from these sites directly into your resume database under relevant headings.

Access to Global Talent

With lockdowns imposed in most countries and reduced mobility, most companies have switched to remote work. With remote work, the world is your stage, and candidates from other countries can compete with local talent. The result is you are not bound by borders anymore. Imagine being able to hire the top talent without physical boundaries to stop you.

Allows For Online Personality Tests

Personality tests have been part of the recruiting process for a very long time. A robust ATS will allow candidates to take personality tests, customized to your requirements, online. They will get instant results and will be directed further or asked to apply later. This allows automation of a large part of the recruitment process, saving time and money.

Automated Interviews Scheduling Alerts

By allowing you to synchronize your calendar with the ATS, you can schedule job interviews without overlapping. Once an interview is scheduled, candidates will receive automated emails and messages, inviting them to the interview. Candidates can accept, reject, or request to reschedule.

The ATS will send the response to the recruiter, who will then act accordingly. If the candidate rejects, you can schedule the next candidate.


In the age of big data, analytics are critical for the success of any project. They allow you to gauge the robustness of your system and identify potential bottlenecks in the hiring process. Analytics also allows you to study various hiring trends like education level, experience, technical qualifications, certifications, and skills.


An ATS allows you to collaborate with your teammates in the hiring process. Senior-level positions require more than one round of interviews. You can schedule meetings with different team members as per their availability through the collaboration feature in the ATS.

Recruiters are entrusted with the job of finding the right candidate for the position. They have access to an extensive database of resumes, and a flexible applicant tracking system can help them get it done in no time. The tool allows them to do away with the manual tasks of screening, scheduling, and sorting, thus saving time and cost.