Outside portraits like this will help to immortalize a seasoned traveler’s most cherished memories.

Outside portraits and nostalgiac items will make the ideal gifts for those with wanderlust.

Choosing a gift for someone that has seen and done it all is a real challenge. Your average intrepid traveler places less value in tangible or material goods. They’ve probably also been to more offbeat retail stores or exotic markets than you could possibly imagine.

So, what do you get that friend or loved one that also happens to be a seasoned traveler? The short answer is, you should choose something that is personal and thoughtful in equal measures.

Rather than opting for your standard “I’ve been here t-shirt” or factory-made trinket, to give a gift that resonates with your seasoned traveler friend or loved one, you should go for the emotional jugular.

A gift that creates a real personal sense of nostalgia and has either practical or longstanding emotional value will inspire, amaze, and make you very popular with your globetrotting recipient.

From personalized outside portraits to specialist scratch maps, here we look at four tip-top present ideas for the intrepid traveler in your life. Take the time to consider these four options, and you’ll be one step closer to gift-giving excellence.

Outside portraits

An outside portrait is a gift that evokes real emotion. And, it works for any occasion, big or small. Portraits on Demand offer seamless landscape photos to paint service that allows you to take a cherished snap and transform it into a work of art.

By taking one of your friends or loved one’s most beloved traveling snaps—whether it’s a human or landscape-based portrait—and getting it immortalized as a stunning oil painting, you are sure to be popular when it comes to gift-giving time. A simple yet incredibly effective way to make your friend or loved ones feel extra special.

Sustainable travel journals

Another excellent gift for the intrepid traveler is a sustainable travel journal. Functional and personal in equal measures, an eco-friendly travel journal is good for the planet and will show your friend or loved one how much you value their adventurous streak.

Most seasoned travelers like sustainable goods as they place great value in environmental preservation—they also like to document their experiences while on the road (you can’t always rely on a WiFi signal when you’re traveling, so a pen and paper are always welcome), so as a gift, it’s difficult to go wrong with a personalized journal.

Plus, if you handwrite a message on the first page of the journal, you will also add an extra personal touch that will really resonate with your friend or loved one. Gift-giving perfection.

If you’d like to add a solid travel-based quote to the journal, here are three for your inspiration:

  • “For the born traveler, traveling is a besetting vice. Like other vices, it is imperious, demanding its victim’s time, money, energy, and the sacrifice of comfort.”—Aldous Huxley
  • “Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.”—Benjamin Disraeli
  • “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”—Mark Twain

High-quality scratch maps

Scratch maps provide worldly types with a fun, interactive, and visually-appealing means of marking off where they’ve been on the planet while reminiscing on their favorite travel-based memories. And, for that reason, they make excellent gifts for those that roam.

While there are countless scratch maps available to buy online, as a general rule of thumb, you should avoid spending less than £30 on one, if you can.

Scratch maps make excellent gifts for travelers, however, a poor quality one will not only look cheap but fall apart in an instant. The best scratch maps are usually poster-sized and have a solid consumer track record.

Before you commit to a scratch map, take the time to compare products, and look at customer reviews. After a little browsing and research, it will be clear which scratch map is best for your friend or loved one.

Personalized Polaroid Cameras

Last but not least, we have a ‘snappy’ gift idea for the traveler in your life. Polaroids empower people to immortalize life’s special moments wherever you are in the world and produce real photographs that you can touch, in an instant.

The novel, spontaneous nature of a Polaroid camera, is sure to dazzle your traveler friend or relative—and if you add a personal touch to the gift, you will make it all the more poignant.

Formal personalized Polaroid camera retailers don’t really exist. But, by choosing the right camera for your friend or loved one and personalizing it yourself with an initialed carry bag, by adding a quality decal or by consulting the services of an engraver, you will transform your Polaroid gift from good to great at little cost or effort.

Getting a gift for someone that is constantly exploring the globe and places less value in material possessions is a tricky venture. However, as these gift ideas for seasoned travelers prove, picking the perfect present is more than possible. Good luck.