Roofing Company

You’re searching for “roofing company Austin TX” and you’re starting to get frustrated. There are so many options, and you feel overwhelmed. How are you supposed to find someone you can trust?

Read on to learn seven tips to help you choose the right roofing company Austin TX.

Choose someone local.

When looking for an Austin roofing company, it’s a good idea to go with someone from your local community. A local contractor will be more familiar with local rules and code regulations and will be more likely to have strong working relationships with local crews, contractors, and suppliers. Avoid “Storm-Chasers” at all costs! Storm Chasers are out-of-town contractors who swoop in after a natural disaster (like a hurricane) and try to scam people. They often go door to door, telling homeowners they have storm damage on their roofs and urging them to sign a letter of intent. Don’t sign that letter and don’t fall for their high-pressure tactics.

Think about your needs.

Do you need roofing installation, roof repair, roof replacement, roof inspection, or maybe maintenance of your roof? Depending on what your specific needs are, certain contractors may cater to those needs better than others.

Make sure they’re experienced.

When researching a roofing company, check out their credentials. How long have they been in business? How much experience does their team have? Have they worked on homes in this area before? The more experience they have, the better. Finally, they must have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Ask to see the certificates and actually call the insurance carrier to ensure they’re valid. You may not need to use this, but in case you do, you’ll be glad you checked.

Check out their ratings.

Get on sites like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and Better Business Bureau to see what ratings the roofing company Austin TX has. Then make sure to go check their Google reviews. If they have less than 3 stars and tons of reviews, you should typically stay away! Not having any reviews may not be a red flag if they haven’t been in business for long, but tread carefully. If you see lots of reviews complaining about the same problems, run! Choose someone else with good reviews.

Check their communication and professionalism.

Another way to spot a good roofing company Austin TX is to see how they respond to negative reviews and comments. A good contractor will acknowledge negative reviews, apologize, and work to offer the customer an acceptable solution. If you notice they ignore bad reviews or – even worse – respond rudely, choose someone else.

Narrow it down to three.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, choose 3 different roofing companies and research those. It’ll feel a lot less stressful, and you can focus on a finite number of companies at one time. Get a quote from all 3 companies and compare the pricing. However, note that you shouldn’t choose a roofing company Austin TX based SOLELY on price. Some companies with very low prices keep their prices so low by cutting corners and doing subpar work. Make sure you don’t just go with the lowest number and also compare their experience, customer reviews, and what services they offer.

Get local referrals.

Talk to your friends before choosing a roofing company Austin TX. Maybe they hired someone they really liked. If you just moved to Austin, simply ask your neighbors for recommendations. Ask them two questions: Were you happy with the work? Would you work with that roofing company again?

There you have it – 7 actionable tips to help you choose the best roofing company in Austin, TX.