Small Kitchen

Building and setting up your own home is an exciting and yet one of the most challenging tasks that a person may face. However, we all have to go through this phase at some point in time. The real test is when we have to set up our independent living space for the first time in a very restricted area. Whether you have migrated or moved out into a small studio apartment, or you are a student living in a dorm setting, setting up your living space and especially your kitchen can be very challenging. Here are some ideas that will help you set up a perfect kitchen without using too much space.

Lay Out

The first thing that you will need to decide if the layout of the kitchen. A strategically planned layout can help you design a fully-fledged kitchen just like any other regular kitchen. Ideally, an L-shaped or a U-shaped layout is best to make the best use of space. Generally, when you are living in small spaces such as dorms or studio apartments, you need to accommodate other essentials such as bed and living area; therefore a strategic layout is very important so that you have adequate kitchen space without going overboard and compromising other areas of your living space.

Storage Spaces

The next important thing that you need to set up storage space for your kitchen. Proper storage is very important for the kitchen, and that needs to be separate from your other household storage space. You will need storage space to store your appliances, spices and other ingredients, Small spaces do not have enough capacity to accommodate large cabinets; therefore it is most sensible to use wall and floor spaces effectively. Ideally, for a small L-shaped layout, you should have two cabinets mounted on the wall, and two under the counter. Install additional shelves on the side wall over the sink, which can be used to keep your crockery and cutlery.

Stoves and Sink

The kind of stove top that will work in your kitchen space depends on the plumbing and gas lines laid out. However, if it is a make-shift space that lacks proper infrastructure, then you can install a pair of induction plates to save the space. However, if you are planning to use induction plates, know that you might need a specific type of cookware to work with it. If you have an L-shaped layout, you can use one wall for a stove-top and the side wall to install a sink.


A small countertop is very important for a kitchen since that space acts as your work station. On the downside, your counter is very likely to be a tiny space, but it will still provide you with adequate space for one person to work. The key is not to keep your counter occupied by placing unnecessary things. Make sure your countertop is as vacant as possible.


Avoid hoarding on two many appliances and invest in basic smaller appliances that can offer multi-purpose benefits. For example, instead of getting separate appliances for chopping, blending, kneading, etc., you can get a food processor, which is a small versatile appliance that can cater to multiple food preparation needs. Avoid bulky appliances, so that most of your equipment can go to into your cabinets. Place your microwave oven in a shelf and if you need an oven, go for a wall mounted one.