Have you ever wondered, which is the most sought second search engine? After Google, well, it is YouTube. Every month, more than 2 billion users are active on YouTube. On average, YouTube receives 500 hours of video every minute, and people watch more than 1 billion hours of video every day. Social media is highly dependent upon the video for its development. Videos will become the most wanted content type in the future. This is a fast-growing platform with more potential to earn money. You must know how to market your videos. In this article, we will discuss the promising ways in which you can promote your videos successfully.

Use short and engaging titles:

The title is the first thing that everyone will look at. To create an attractive, short, and engaging title for the video. Statistics say that the first three seconds of any video is very important within this short span, we must make the viewers click the video. Unless the title is catchy, viewers will scroll down. Use popular keywords in the title. If you cannot find the keywords, use the autocomplete feature in YouTube and Google. You will get the keywords from them. Try to incorporate these keywords in the title.

Some tips:

  • Include keywords in the title – don’t use all keywords, limit it to two.
  • Engaging not clickbait titles – clickbait will deliver temporary results, don’t trust them more.
  • Using titles within 60 characters – short titles between 55- 60 characters brings more viewers than other ways.

Follow rules of Thumb:

Use custom eye-catching thumbnails for the videos to boost views. Human brains are much faster than computers as they process visuals in less than 15 milliseconds. The simple rules for creating thumbnails are:

  • Resolution should be suitable for mobiles and desktops (1280 x 720 px).
  • Use god contrast images in the thumbnail.
  • Texts and colors will encourage more clicks.
  • Restrict the size of the image to 2 MB.

Reminder: metadata:

Metadata is the text present in the video file, and search engines like YouTube, Netflix, and Google use this to show video results. If you want your video to be in top results, use metadata properly. Text data associated with the video, such as title, description, and tags are used by the search engines to show the results for a search query.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) and creating videos will boost the channel. SEO will make the content linkable and shareable. By knowing the needs of the viewers, we can create more engaging videos. SEO is focused mainly on the video title, description, and video tags.

  • Video title: Use keywords that are highly relevant to the title. You can find the keywords with a simple keyword search in any search engine.
  • Video description: It should be an introduction to search bots and viewers. Make the description accurate with excellent details. If the video description is good, then we can assure that viewers will watch the video completely.
  • Video tags: Tags will promote your videos inside a category. Include tags only under the tags section and never mention it in the video description. Using tags will increase the traffic to your channel, but overuse may let you down. So be concise to use correct tags to your video.

So you must use an accurate video title, detailed video description, and proper video tags with categories for your video.

Cross-promotion of the channel:

Cross-promoting your videos in social media accounts is the best way to increase viewers. You must use different strategies based on the type of social media. Understand the specifications of each social platform and optimize the video. For example, we can use GIFs to promote YouTube videos on Twitter.

Similarly, using embed videos in your posts will increase page and video views. Create a topic about that video in your blog and leave a link to that video in the blog.

Emails increase the video’s view count. You can create an email list of your subscribers and send an email to your new posts. It is always worth the time and money. An email signature is another way to promote your channel. 66% of marketers strongly believe that this old school technique is still powerful in marketing.

It is better to promote your channel than a single video. Use emails, social media to highlight the channel with new videos often. Adding new videos regularly will increase your rank in Google and YouTube. Use the right promotional videos to boost your business. There are a lot of promo video makers available online. Try to use those to create engaging promotional videos for your upcoming content.

Produce high-quality videos:

Even simple content will get more views if it has excellent video quality. Try to make the video with a good quality camera. Use the microphone for sound recording and produce the fine quality audio track. Editing skills are very important for a nice video. Learn basic editing tools to produce videos suitable for both desktop and mobiles. Create videos with 16:9 resolution, bold titles, and contrast colors.

Along with trendy videos, try to create evergreen videos. Evergreen videos are timeless videos that viewers will watch again and again. These videos can be as simple as DIYS, tour- guides, statistic collection, and more. The main advantage of timeless videos is that they will rank for years in the top list. This will also increase the traffic to your channel and boost SEO.

Engage with the fans:

If you want to be the most successful video creator, you have to monitor your channel and interact with the fans regularly. By responding to the comments, you can earn more viewers and subscribers. Remember responding to both positive and negative comments will increase subscribers. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and interact with your fans to read their pulse. Use any ad maker to create eye-catching banner ads to ask viewers to like, share, and comment about your video. Sometimes adding visual cues at the beginning and end of the video will increase traffic to your channel.