kirkandmimi (CC0), Pixabay

Need to do some updating on your home but requiring the necessary funds to do it? This is a problem a lot of us suffer from. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. We don’t believe that you need to have a bottomless pit of money in your bank account in order to enjoy your home to its full potential, which is why we’ve come up with these inexpensive transformation ideas to help you if you are trying to save the pennies.

Paint, Paint & More Paint!

Are you wanting to update your kitchen, but the money and disruption are just too off-putting? Don’t worry, there’s a provisional way you can give your kitchen cabinets a new freshness and life. This can be done by just painting them, making them not only look much fresher but change the whole vibe of the room if you’re tired of its old theme and decor! This can work with painting walls and ceilings, but no doubt you were already aware of that!

Have A Look At What You’ve Already Got and Rethink

Sometimes moving furniture from another room can make your room feel like a whole new place. There might be something from another room that charmingly fits in the room you’re looking at updating. Reshuffling furniture is another way to mix things up and keep it exciting without spending a penny.

Refinish or Get your Floors Deep cleaned

Although getting your floors re-done or cleaned isn’t quite as fun as a whole new floor, it’s certainly a lot cheaper. Before you start shopping for a new floor, looking into alternative options. If you’re lucky enough to have real wood, then you’ll know that you can sand it down and refinish it which can make it look like it’s just come out of the showroom! If you have carpet then you could get it deep cleaned, often it’ll come up looking as if it’s just been, maid!

Declutter & Organise

A modern interior is all about clean spaces. It’s okay spending a lot of money on a posh new kitchen, but the most important thing to do it declutter! Get rid of anything that you’ve used in months. If you clear out your cupboards then you’ll have space for the stuff you actually use, organization is the best, and makes your life a lot easier!


Introducing a mirror to your room is a fantastic way to make smaller spaces appear bigger and allows your interior to look that bit more lavish. It also saves you having to think of artwork, not to mention they serve a practical purpose as well as aesthetic! What could be better?

Focus on Furnishings

If you’re not in the mood to be forking out on new sofas, then purchasing throws to go over your old ones can help freshen things up. Very inexpensive and you can experiment with different patterns and fabrics, a great way to satisfy your creative flair.