When it comes to horse racing, there are a lot of things that the keen visitor is always looking out for. One of the top concerns here is the top prize money, as that obviously means that the higher the prize is, the more prestigious the event is.

A higher prize also means that the clientele of the event improves, and it makes for generally a more exciting event at the time of racing too. While there have been plenty of huge prizes in the past and some that are still going today, the Saudi Cup is about to break the record for the richest horse race ever. But how exactly does it stack up against the rest?

Previous World Records

The previous top record for the richest horse race was the Pegasus World Cup, which came in at around $16 million. Before that was the Dubai World Cup, which had a top prize of around $13 million.

These are clearly both strong contenders, and they held the world stage for quite a while, but both have now been comfortably eclipsed by the Saudi Cup, and the new prize money to be expected for that is pretty monumental.

The Amazing Saudi Cup Prize Money

So what is the prize for the Saudi Cup? The staggering figure to be expected for this year’s 2020 Saudi Cup is $20 million, far outreaching any of the other horse racing events in the world by a long way.

Clearly, this kind of money is going to draw a lot of attention to the event, and many interesting people are likely to go too. The Saudi Cup is now officially the world’s most valuable horse race, and it looks as if it might keep that title for a long time to come yet.

The Event It’s Self

The nature of the event itself is quite interesting to see too, and a fairly unique one which is worth looking into. For one thing, there has been a lot of effort put into the timing of the event. This is in part due to considerations and concern around other horse racing events, and also to give the horses and jockeys the best possible chance of succeeding in the races.

All in all, that should make for a much more interesting set of horse races, so the quality of the racing should be greatly improved.

The jockeys are getting four weeks in between each race, meaning that they have plenty of time for relaxation and recuperation.

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It also helps any members of the public who might be thinking about visiting both the Saudi Cup and the Dubai World Cup. So far, there has been excellent feedback on the races generally, and it looks as if 2020 is going to be its biggest year yet – not just in terms of prize money, but also in terms of the actual experience of being there too.

One To Remember

All in all, it looks as if this is going to be one horse racing event to remember. Whatever might happen in the future of the sport, the 2020 Saudi Cup will certainly go down in history, even if only for the fact that the prize money has taken such a monumental leap in such a short space of time.

But it is also likely going to be remembered for the way that it drew people together in the manner that only great sporting events can. People from different cultures and from all over the world are going to be descending on this event, and it looks as though it is likely to do wonders for the global sporting community more generally. That is something that we can always be glad for.

Getting There with a Little Planning

If you are thinking about going to the Saudi Cup, then you will need to plan ahead – both in order to get your tickets, which are going fast, and to make sure that you plan the actual travel part of the process too.

The more you plan in advance, the more likely you will be to get there, and if you manage that, then what a fantastic thing that will be to be able to say. All in all, it’s worth spending the time planning this well if it means being in attendance at such a huge sporting event. You will be glad that you were a part of it, and especially given the incredible prize money that there is going to be.

Start planning today, and make sure that you can get your place.