The internet has changed our lives for the better. It changed the way we communicate, entertain ourselves, and even the way we work. As the online business market is constantly expanding, more and more businesses choose not to have a physical office.

Besides, as it has become easy to build a website and start a business and many young people have done it successfully, people are more encouraged to start a side hustle or an online business of their own.

However, to begin earning money online, you will need a good idea that has potential. Therefore in the article, we will give you seven ideas for ways to earn money online.

Idea #1: Become a YouTuber

In times of the worldwide pandemic, people are spending more time looking at their screens than they ever have. Thus, YouTube has become one of the main forms of entertainment during quarantine, and if you are sitting at home with a lot of free time on your hands, you can become a YouTuber as well.

Editing videos is not that simple. You will need some practice first. Find a reliable video downloader and download videos directly to your computer, and use them as templates.

Tools like vocal remover online can also come in handy and help you create videos of better quality, particularly if the video-editing software you use is missing certain features.

To make money on YouTube, use Google AdSense, promote and review various products, collaborate with brands, or even promote your own business.

Idea #2: Work as a Data Entry Specialist

If you lack experience in a specific field, there are a lot of data entry jobs that you could both do as a side hustle or an online business. You could build a team and provide data entry services for larger companies.

All that you will need for a data entry job is a computer, typing skills, fast internet, and being able to pay attention to important details. A job like this may be simple, but it requires precision.

Idea #3: Sell Your Artwork

For those who paint, draw, or are graphic designers, there is a great way to start making money online from your artwork without actually selling it. What we have in mind is selling prints of your art.

First of all, art posters are not as expensive as original pieces of art; therefore, more people are willing to purchase them to redecorate their homes. Secondly, it means that you will create the poster once and will be able to sell it multiple times, creating a passive source of income.

Idea #4: Make Hand-Crafted Items

If you already know how to knit, make hand-made accessories or other hand-crafted items, all you need to do is browse current trends, create some items, and you can start selling them on platforms such as Etsy. Platforms like this will help you gain more attention faster.

However, if creating and selling hand-crafted items interests you but you have no skills to create such items, you could look for a business partner in your family or among friends who knows how to make hand-crafted items. Or, as an alternative, you could learn a craft yourself by watching video tutorials on YouTube.

Idea #5: Sell Your Photos

Even though being a photographer seems like a profession that requires you to participate in all kinds of events and travel, you can make money as a photographer online. If you have taken great pictures of nature that you have taken, you can sell them as prints for people to hang on their walls.

Also, while spending time at home, you can create a bunch of photos that would be perfect for photo stocks, such as Shutterstock. Just keep in mind that if you want your photos to sell, you need to think of what types of pictures your potential customers might need.

Idea #6: Become a Freelancer

If you have skills in a specific field, such as graphic design, content writing, or video editing, you can become a freelancer. Most freelancers work on many different projects, which is pretty exciting, while some work with loyal, long-term customers.

Being a freelancer is very convenient because you become your own boss and can decide how much and when you want to work. To find yourself your first projects, register for such freelancer websites as Upwork and Fiverr. Also, you can browse freelancer Facebook groups to find side gigs to work on.

Idea #7: Create a Blog

Blogging can be a fun hobby, but it can also become a source of income. When starting a blog, you will need to come up with a catchy domain name and purchase it. Then, build a website, decide what its concept is going to be, for example, a fashion news blog, and start creating content.

There are many ways to earn money from a blog. You could use AdSense to get paid by Google for showing ads on your blog. Also, you can publish guest posts or get paid to review certain products or mention them in your content.