Vaping is easy, once you know how to take a draft, let its fragrance linger, and release. It really is simple enough. However, there are techniques for you to really savor the best weed vapor. From our experts to you, here’s what you can vape-practice.

Easy Vaping Techniques

1. Grinding Your Dry Herbs Is Everything

In case your stash is of dry herbs (maybe because you prefer it over oils, or perhaps you’ve run out of the latter), the key point constantly put to mind is that they require much grinding before you get a whiff of their best vapors.

There’s no other way around this. Nothing else which can produce results as good as when you crush those herbs to bits and to a pulp. Something that many forget since everyone’s usually in a hurry to smoke a puff.

It may seem more convenient to use your hands to grind the weed but it can affect consistency, conduction, and heating evenness. Stick to an actual hemp grinder. They come in portable sizes, too.

2. “Session” Vaping

As much as you want to instantly get that I’m-oh-so-floating high, breathing in one huge whiff of your vape isn’t going to do you any good. That too-long inhale could cut off the vape itself (similar to the way the light of a rolled marijuana joint does).

Hence, be patient, and breathe in like how you would when you take in a normal sigh of relief. This will allow you to relish the aroma of the dry herbs. At the same time, it won’t cause said dry herbs to burn too quickly. You will not have to sniff a smokey and burnt smell.

3. Pre-Heat AND Prime

You may already be aware of how cannabis vaporizers are to be pre-heated for a few seconds (up to a minute to two, depending on your device’s temperature settings) before you are to utilize it.

But there’s another step coupled with that. Priming the vape. To “prime” your vaporizer means taking 3 to 5 delicate puffs of it once it has been pre-heated. An emphasis on the word “delicate”. Short and staggered breaths.

Think of pre-heating as comparable to warming up a 4-wheel drive. And priming is revving up the ignition before you hit the road, and the beyond.

4. Cleaning Tips

When it’s time to clean your vape, turn it off and let it cool. Afterward, detach the mouthpiece from the vape body. With a brush, get rid of excess herb pieces in the heating chamber.

Once said heating chamber is visibly clean, use a damp Q-tip (not dripping wet, please) to further wipe remaining traces of hemp and/or concentrate away. Finally, use a dry Q-tip to remove moisture and let it air-dry.

Cleaning your tool is important as residue and leftover burnt hemp and/or oil will affect the next batch’s aroma and vaporization consistency.

5. The Burn-Off

Another sure-fire approach to removing traces of cannabis, regardless of product form, is that following number 4, switch on the vape for a burn-off. Minus the marijuana herb and/or concentrate. Do this for around 2 to 3 minutes.

This warrants a clean and disinfected chamber. Besides that, should you smell anything similar to burnt leaves or burnt oil, then you know you need to clean the heating chamber once more.