There’s a certain stigma attached to hiring an escort. Many people frown upon the practice, believing that there is something shady about it.

Those who view the escort service industry in a negative light do so because of myths. That’s why, today, we aim to spread the truth behind those falsehoods. Here are six of the typical myths that people believe about hiring an escort in Sacramento— or any other location—and the truth behind them.

Myths About Hiring an Escort

The Clients Who Get Escort Services Are “Losers”

This point is one of the most common false ideas regarding the escort industry. People think that those who hire escorts are losers who can’t have the companionship of beautiful and sophisticated people unless they pay for the privilege. They are usually depicted in movies or on television as unattractive and awkward.

Surprisingly, most escort service clients are highly successful middle-aged men. They own businesses or are at the top of their careers. They are not socially awkward, and they can navigate their way well when in social situations.

They hire escorts because they appreciate sophistication. They know that escorts are not only very attractive, but they are great companions as well. They also commonly travel and simply need a local companion to enjoy meals and leisure time.

Escorts Have Mental Health Issues

This belief is rooted in society, viewing the escort business as an undesirable career that no one in their right mind would pursue. Most people believe that anyone who makes a decision that is outside of the societal norms is somehow damaged emotionally or psychologically.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Most escorts are highly intelligent people who saw a fantastic opportunity to make money and are taking advantage of it. Many enjoy the work, and they like going out and socializing. There is nothing about being damaged regarding their behavior.

Escorts Are Mostly Uneducated

Another belief which most people hold to be true about escorts is that they are mostly uneducated without any other opportunities for a career.

As mentioned earlier, most escorts are highly intelligent and have simply made the conscious decision to be in the industry. Some of them are using the money they are earning to pay for their way through college. Some are well educated already, but they just see the escort industry as better means of earning money.

Most of them are aware that being an escort is not a long-term career, so they have plans. Many go to college, and others have plans on what they can do after they leave the industry.

Drugs Play a Major Part in the Industry

This is part of the narrative that projects the escort industry into other things that are highly negative. The belief here is that most escorts are abusers of illegal substances, which allows them to continue performing their role as escorts.

That belief is wrong on numerous levels, but it also must be pointed out that it is based on misinformation. Escorts, for the most part, are not unhappy about their situation. They see it as an opportunity, and they are in it because they chose to.

While some may use drugs, that is a personal choice just as people from other professions choose to use drugs. Substance abuse does not come with the profession.

The Escort Industry Is Part of the Criminal Underworld

Again, escorts choose to be in the industry, and no one is forcing them.

Many run their own websites and don’t have any need for outside help. Even those that work under escort services are not coerced at all. They just find it to be more convenient.

Most escorts enjoy the work and love socializing and meeting new people, and they have nothing to do with gangs and mob bosses. Many of the clients of the industry are just regular people, who may have more money than the average person, but still, everyday people who have never even received a ticket for a traffic violation.

Clients Are After a Wild Experience

Sure, there might be a client here and there who is after a bit more excitement than what they are getting in their ordinary life, but those are the exceptions. For the most part, clients are just after companionship, which means intelligent conversations and going out to dinner or some social event. It might seem boring, but that’s the truth.

Most clients are just after the companionship of a very attractive individual, and the escorts are more than happy to provide them with that.

Creating a False Image

Most of these myths came from depictions of escorts and the escorts service in the media. The media is a modern mythmaker. It has the power to create false images of things that most people believe in. Those images are designed to trigger emotional responses from the audience.

According to J. Francis Davis, a media education specialist, modern myths stem from a flood of images and ideas that have been continuously fed to the population. In the case of escort services, viewers and readers have consistently been told that the industry stands for something bad.

Going through the roots of the modern myths regarding the escort service can be a long and deep discussion. It’s enough, for now, to know what those myths are and the reality hiding behind them.

A New Perspective

These are just some of the myths that people believe about the escort industry. Most people have been conditioned to view the escort industry as a part of the darker side of society. The images shown to the public are creating that negative impression.

While it was not necessarily a conscious move to destroy the industry, it is about time to drop the myths and recognize what the escort industry is all about—companionship. The escort industry in the US is beneficial to all parties concerned and one where clients need not be ashamed of their participation.