There are many clones or imposters which have emerged after the demise of the great which was once stated The world’s most popular illegal site by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). This website was shut down by the government in March 2018. Now if you search for the website on google the first result you get is, which is a very similar website with a lot of illegal camrips and what not. is using for the storage and streaming of the movies whereas in the case of used various video storage and streaming sources like the Openload, Streamango, and MyCloud, etc. So the reality behind all of these illegal sources of free movies streaming websites is that only the domain names change, but the service and idea behind the functioning and data storage remain the same.


Thes use one website and a domain name as a front end to display and stream all the movies which take all the blame for doing the illegal stuff. And they use third-party storage where all the movie data is being stored for streaming. These days it is effortless to transfer data from one server to another. When these people see that the Government or the agencies which are in charge of deploying the privacy laws are onto them, they go ahead and jump from one domain to another and from one hosting service to another.

So it seems very hard to pin these digital pirates down as they can use fake names and addresses to buy the domain names and web hosting they need to store and stream the movies for free. 123Movies, GoMovies or 123movieshub are the domain names which they have used in the past. It is so amazing how many of these websites are out there now. It seems like an impossible task to control such websites. If you search for gomovies, you will be able to find many such websites which are the exact clone of the website. One such website I found on google is

I have seen that Google is very quick to get rid of many websites which use the black hat SEO techniques to boost their rankings. But when it comes to websites like the 123Movies, GoMovies or 123movieshub which are a huge menace to the movie and tv industry Google has no algorithm designed to get rid of them for the search engine results.

123movies gomovies free
123movies gomovies free illegal streaming websites

In my opinion, Google is the strong link which enables such websites to take hold and flourish. If Google is able to develop an algorithm which can find these websites out and kick them out of the search results the online piracy of the movies and tv series etc. will go way down. So to me, it seems like the failure on all fronts Google, movie and tv industry, Governments, web hosting companies and domain registrars. If all these people work together and try to develop a system the piracy industry can be struck hard and brought to its knees.

The consumer would also benefit from all this as the movies and tv industry can bring down the prices if they are not greedy. The consumers will be happy as they can get high-quality movies and tv series from legal sources at a lower price as losses which the entertainment industry is facing due to the piracy industry can be hugely diminished.