Soda PDF edit, sign, compress and combine PDF files
Soda PDF edit, sign, compress and combine PDF files

Ever since the PDF format was introduced, it became an integral part of every person’s daily life. Even though it was created for viewing purposes, the format now is far more complex and offers much more capabilities.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the available functionalities and how to use its maximum potential. Knowing all functions would allow you to enhance your performance and save time.

Having the necessary knowledge would allow you to use the format more effectively. Use these tips in your work, and you’ll surely get the best out of your PDFs.

Split files

The easiest way to perform this action is by using the popular browser Google Chrome. Due to its popularity, the chances are that you have it installed on your computer already.

To split the files, you have to open the PDF by dragging the file into a browser’s window. Then, click the printer button and Save as PDF. From there on, you can decide which parts you’d like to use in the Pages section. When you’re done, click Save and store the document.

Combine PDFs

For editing of existing PDF documents, you’ll need a more sophisticated software or web application. Luckily, there are good inexpensive and even free options available.

The easiest way to do so is by going to Soda PDF Online and then using their free online tool for merging PDF files.

Once you’ve found the right page, the procedure is simplistic. Choose the desired files for merging, adjust the order of the files and receive the file as e-mail.

Merging your files doesn’t mean that the format of the file will differ. You will maintain the original size & layout of the original files.

Size Compression

Yet another important feature offered by Soda PDF online is the compression of PDF files with few clicks. Soda PDF offers synchronization with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, which allows for a seamless upload of your existing files.

First, you have to enter the web version of Soda’s application, available at their site. To compress a PDF file, you have to select the file from your computer or cloud storage service. Then, the system will resize the file by keeping the quality of the file. Once the file is ready, you can download it or view it through your browser.

Make your PDF Interactive

Nowadays, PDFs are not only used for business documents but even for school projects or marketing plans. You can make a presentation interactive in hundreds of ways, but adding something interesting to your document will surely impress your audience.

You can add multimedia content with the help of more sophisticated software such as Adobe’s InDesign. Of course, this isn’t suited for printed copies, but they will make the difference on any electronic device.

Editing & Signing Documents Online

What makes the PDF different from other devices is that it keeps the original layout of the file, no matter what device is used to view it. However, times come where you need to make some urgent file edits. That’s where the Online version of Microsoft’s Word comes in handy, as well as the free PDF editor by Soda PDF.

Open your document in either Soda PDF Online or Word Online, edit and save it. The creators of Soda go even further by allowing users to add their online signature, which is an important business feature. For further information, head to their site on how to do it with few easy clicks.