If you are an Omegle client, then you might at one stage have been banned from using the site. Yes, it’s frustrating, and no, it’s not usually from illegal activities. Sometimes you have clients that are either childish or use profane language too often, but not with malice as some offensive people use. Yet, the site identified you, or someone complained, and you have been banned.

There are a number of ways around this, but the best way is the direct way, so let’s take a look at the methods to direct your request to be unbanned or to circumvent the banning using internet technology methods.

The Ban Messaged

There are two messages for people being banned, these are:

“Your computer/network is banned for possible bad behavior. You can still use Omegle, but only the unmonitored section. You must be 18 or older. (If you didn’t do anything wrong, sorry! Mistakes happen sometimes. Your ban won’t last forever.)”

“You have been banned from Omegle due to possible terms of service violations by you, or someone else using your computer or network.”

The Direct Approach

Start if by addressing the issue directly with the site moderators. Send them an online message in a polite fashion and first of all ask why you were banned if you do not know why. Explain that you have done nothing wrong and that no one has complained.

If you did do something wrong, then send the same letter but apologies for being naughty and promise never to do it again. (You naughty boy! Or a girl!) If you are so inclined, you might ask to be spanked, but then the ban will never lift, duh!

Getting Unbanned the Round About Way

OK, so you don’t like writing cringing letters and are pissed off and angry. Yes, you did nothing wrong, or No, you are a perv. (admit it). Whatever the reason, there are ways around the Omegle ban, and here they are:

  1. New IP New ID

This will only work for random IP accounts if you have a dedicated IP account check out the VPN solution.

You can start off by turning off the router and PC. Then turn on the router after 5 minutes, wait a further 2 minutes and turn on your PC. For mobile devices, disconnect from the internet and connect via a VPN (explanation to follow).

After you connect to the internet with a new IP address, you can either use the Omegle system anonymously or login to Omegle but don’t log in with your old ID, create a new account with a new e-mail. Opening up e-mail accounts is not an issue, and you can have a load of them if you want. It actually helps when managing multiple social media and chats sites, segregating communities into specific e-0mail accounts for easier management and anti-scam/spam capabilities.

You are now in and you can Omegle away.

Using VPN

A VPN is good for handling dedicated IP or mobile (cellular) networks. In both cases, you need to set up (download) a VPN app. Connect to the internet via the VPN and only then connect to Omegle. This is like giving you a new IP address above. You can then log in with a new account, or just use the system anonymously.

The Tor Solution

If you have the Tor browser, then you will be able to use Omegle only if you allow scripts globally. So set this setting for Omegle, and you should be free to use it on Tor any time, even when banned.

Opening the scripts on Tor:

  1. Click on blue S button in the Tor toolbar
  2. Select “Allow Scripts Globally (Dangerous) Section” and remove all restrictions from Omegle

That’s it; you can Omegle on Tor for as much as you like.

In the instance when an IP address is banned in Tor, just click on green onion icon of the Tor toolbar and select “New Identity.” This will automatically change your IP address.

Using a Proxy IP

A Proxy Server is a computer that connects to the internet for you, and you connect to the Proxy Server. Essentially, you connect to the proxy server using your IP address and internet connection. You then surf the internet using the Proxy server’s connection, thereby hiding your IP address behind the Proxy one.

Now you might ask, why do I need this instead of a VPN, well here is the answer:

Unlike a proxy, which only secures your torrent client or web browser, VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypted tunneling secures 100% of all your internet access, replacing your local ISP routing for all applications. With a fully anonymous VPN server, you will enjoy enhanced security regardless of geographic location.

Source: https://torguard.net/proxyvsvpn.php

Just like VPN apps, there are many Proxy server sites to connect to, and the top five are:

  1. HideMyAss; this is perhaps the best since it is both free and fast.
  2. ProxySite.com; very similar to HideMyAss, and is based in Europe.
  3. Hide.me; this is another fast and free service and competes for the top position.
  4. AnonyMouse; this is a great little site, it has subscription levels for added security.
  5. Whoer.net; is also a top-five site, and it even allows you to test the speed of your connection.

Summing Up

Whether you are trying to reuse Omegle, or are just trying to overcome an IP issue, VPN and Proxies are the best way to go. However, as I started out, if you are innocent, you don’t need to act guilty, just write to Omegle and wait the week ban time, or use another service such as Emerald Chat.