Salesforce DX
Salesforce DX

The reason behind the adoption of Salesforce DX in app development strengthening in the Salesforce environment is quite interesting. In fact, there are many reasons DX is the preferred platform these days, and there are so many developers and users talking about implementing DX in app making, because they realize how potent, useful, compliant, and high quality the apps can be made using this platform and its open source flexible technology.

What to expect from Salesforce DX?

The expectation, when set the right way, helps in visualizing the right outcome too. In the field of cloud-based app development using the Salesforce platform, the utilization of the DX technology also has some positive effects. What you can anticipate from the switch to this special new technology are as follows:

  • You get new sets of features and new tools to work in it. These are potent enough to affect the app development lifecycle.
  • The management and shifting of the source of truth and the method of app development is possible using the platform.
  • You cannot, however, solve all the problems and challenges arising in managing releases and organizing changes using DX.
  • Members in the developer team, working with command line interfaces and the use of Salesforce DX will most benefit integrated development environments.
  • The team newly adapting to DX may find some tools useful instantly and may delve into the rich use of many features while they may wait to learn and investigate into the use of other features.

Reasons behind adapting to Salesforce DX

Before understanding why professionals like are shifting and adapting to DX, it’s good to understand the old style of working in Salesforce. In the traditional Salesforce, app builders take help of Sandboxes in testing apps, creating changes, etc. the target of the source of truth also keeps on moving. In the middle of a work, the team might feel the urge to push the source of truth to a stable higher environment where the build of the project is stable. Another developing team may not put their source of truth in the same sandbox. This is the org-based sales of truth development.

The impact of source driven development

Source of truth defining by a team can totally change in type and style with the use of Salesforce DX. With the use of DX, the team gets a centralized environment and source control like the Subversion or Git to obtain the latest metadata or code versions, and need not join together what they get from the various environments. This source driven development is possible through the use of DX. Although this shift will not eliminate conflicts and need to communicate between teams, yet the jobs of managing, organizing, and planning changes gets easier through source control systems.

Moreover, this form of development increases the team’s visibility in both configuration and coding. Changes which are having a negative impact can also be reversed in better methods. The changes made to the org and the way of making releases are improved with the Salesforce DX source driven development.