Omegle Chat With Girls
Omegle Chat With Girls

One of the main issues about talking to strangers is how to attract the right one to talk top. Essentially, Omegle is all about randomality, where you randomly talk to a stranger based on a specific keyword that you either input in the Omegle screen, or when you link your Facebook account to Omegle that then uses your Facebook like to filter strangers with similar likes.

So here’s the catch, Omegle filters like to like but are also not Google, which means that if you don’t input the right keyword or like, you will not get what you are seeking.

Now let’s break down the desire to talk only to girls to specific categories of why:

  1. You are a girl and want to find someone to chat with for similar reasons
  2. You are a boy and want to find a girl to talk to
  3. You are a perv and need to be locked up

The first two categories are quite straightforward, you are seeking someone to chat with, either in text or in the video with the intention of discussing like minded issues, or in the case of overly hormonalized individuals, seeking sex chats. Another reason could be for dating, thinking that chatting a complete stranger might help where your local scene is letting you down.

The third category is a law enforcement issue, and there are plenty of nasty people on the internet that only seek self-gratification or are seeking to harm others. If you come across one, or you are a girl, and one comes across asking for details and sexually explicit photos, notify your parents immediately, as well as the police, and make sure you take screenshots of the discussion.

OK, back to filtering Omegle for an all-girl chat experience.

First of all, you need to know what you want to discuss if you are interested in reaching only girls you need to be specific in your filter, and this requires you input words that are only associated with what girls like. The biggest mistake is thinking that girls only think of fashion and makeup, big mistake. This is not what they like. There are girls that love karate, surfing, gymnastics, metal rock, kittens and puppies, as well as girls that love 70’s music and horror movies.

So, the first tip Do not fall into the Hollywood stereotype trap.

The second tip is to look around, check out all the girls around you, what do they like? What do your sisters like? What do girls at school or college like?

Consider this; if you want sex cam for free, and think that Omegle is an alternative, you are wrong. So if you place in any explicit sexual keywords, you are most likely going to attract male seeking girls.

If, however you put in the words kitten, puppy, or the title of the latest Disney or Pixar film, you are more likely to hit on a girl than a boy. Other popular keywords more popular with girls then boys, based on online statics and surveys are: Boy bands; find the more popular ones and insert their names, and Shopping; this is a top 10 keyword, anything to do with shopping is a girl bait.


Now, Omegle has a Facebook interface; you need to use a new Facebook account for this since it will look at your likes as they are, which might not be the ones for finding girls. As such, you should open a new and specific Omegle Facebook account and add only likes to things that girls like too.

Now consider these 5 qualities a woman looks for in a man, or a girl looks for in a boy:

  1. A sense of humor; are you funny without being stupid or cruel?
  2. Good personal hygiene; do you care for your appearance, and keep good personal hygiene?
  3. Confidence; when you talk, do you talk with confidence as for yourself, or do you cringe behind a mask?
  4. Respect; do you show respect to others, especially the girl?
  5. Physical Attraction; You don’t need to be buff, and beauty is the eyes of the beholder, as men get attracted to different stereotypes of women, the same goes for women to men. So, if you are a blonde Swede or a Black Nigerian, you will find women that love the way you look, because to them you are physically attractive.

Now, think like this, you might be the best-looking guy in the world, but if your attitude sucks you will very soon be a lonely person. On the other hand, if you are a confident, and interesting dude, you will get the girl. Now one final thing about Hollywood stereotypes, they do exist because they are based on personal experiences of the writers that are portrayed through their scripts.

So, what’s the point? The point is this, once you get a girl on your Omegle chat screen, don’t be an asshole, don’t show her your body parts. Talk about the issue (keyword) you used as the filter. Open up a discussion and be natural. Try to be a friend, albeit online and strangers, but you can build up an online friendship that can be meaningful and can lead to more if both of you want it too.

Video vs. Text

There is one very big difference between video and text chats; the video will reveal both sides to each other in a much more intimate way. Face and body language are important, and text is impersonal and cold. This means that a text chat will never reveal true identities and is usually much safer than video. However, the video will reveal the person on the other side, which is more transparent and can lead to a better relationship.

Codes and Apps for Omegle Girls

They don’t exist, and if anyone tries to sell you one, run away. Omegle only works through keyword or Facebook filters.