Benefits of Educational Apps and Games for Kids
Benefits of Educational Apps and Games for Kids

As e-learning has entirely transformed the tools of learning. Gaining education via using digital aiding tools has made lofty goals easier to achieve. Similarly, if we talk about the role of educational apps and games for kids; the contribution is exceptional which is taking place as an essential element of education in schools. A trend of these apps usage in teachers, the sessions of smartboards in classrooms and support of preschool digital games for kids at home, all are now the needs of smart-teaching. But what are the advantages behind the fact which are stimulating the parents and school management to introduce modern mediums of learning among students? It sounds interesting then the reading is for you to explore surprising benefits of educational apps and games for kids.

  • Augment the efforts of educators

Is it really a piece of cake for an educator to deal with a class of more than 20 children also by catering their individual needs? Well in a write-up by Angela Watson, she is of the view; indeed it’s a challenge to meet in such a limited time of lecture delivery. Every student differs from others and expresses diverse behaviors; even some kids need extra attention to be taught. The advantage of educational apps and games supports teachers to equally distribute the digital content and exercises in students. Addressing sounds, colorful graphics and engaging activities prop up the efforts of educators by providing aiding tools to clarify the concepts of learners.

  • Innovation in traditional learning

The era of technology has completely revamped the ways of living and dealing with every day. Similarly, the elements of education have been modified from tangible material to the soft stuff like software and application. As eLearning Industry addresses in their article; staying stick to the typical book reading and gathering stuff of notebooks sounds out-dated. The new generation is following the footprints of advance e-learning by having their personal digital devices like tabs, smartphones, iPods, laptops, etc. Hence, the effective combo of educational applications with academia is empowering students to thinks out of the box and access every possible manner to practice and perform well.

  • Accessible anytime and anywhere

Now, the world of knowledge is just a click away from you. Students are enjoying the facility of e-library on their smartphones and browse their required learning material within seconds. Say thanks to e-learning which has transformed the curriculum from heavy bags into easy-to-carry ebooks. Moreover, the learning software and apps are easy to download which create an environment of classroom anytime anywhere. Even the mothers are now hassled free to keep their toddlers engaging in productive activities while they are busy in household chores or in offices. The trend of smartphone learning apps for preschoolers is significantly serving the parents of early learners to teach them at home in suitable time schedules.

  • As interactive as a tutor

No doubt, the teacher is mandatory element of education but those who need a tutor for unscheduled daily routine look for some alternatives. Them get advantage from educational applications which are fully pampering the learners to experience the interactive features alike tutor. Applications with interactiveness have the power of developing user’s interest in learning, retaining the attention and providing the pleasure of personalized experience by selecting the activities of one’s own choice.

  • Amusing and entertaining

It’s time to say no more to boring learning stuff and class lectures with advance elearning methods. Because gaining an education is now thriving beyond the limitations of passiveness. Mobile applications are adding more practical, engaging and entertaining adventures in classrooms. Studies reveal that kid’s concentration is the key element which activates their learning ability. Educational apps perform well as focus games which secure kids concentration from environmental distraction, stimulate their visual + listening ability and then leads to a kinesthetic kind of learning.

  • Right apps empower both teacher and student

Well, the reading is encouraging the use of educational apps and games, but the right choice of apps regarding student’s need is crucial to get benefit from these tools of e-learning. For example, early learners can operate the apps which meet their level with user-friendly features. On another hand, the apps also contain quick overview features to make up the mind of educator that what kids have learned. To meet both the standards of teaching and learning, you’ve to do a keen research by considering the level of children and their needs, like Little Treehouse offers preschool apps based on feature associated with toddlers and their parent’s requirement.

  • Build pre-reading and pre-writing skills

As reading and writing are the basic skills that are highly associated with listening and tracing. Toddlerhood is an age of mining and exploring new things. This is the right time to divert their attention in preschool curriculum. Educational apps and games offer an environment of self-learning by seeking easy-to-use interfaces. Particularly, the pre-reading skills involve better listening, repetitional and interactive sounds which indulge kids in the process from recognition to the reading. Whereas, pre-writing capabilities are dependent on recognizing letters and words by learning the directions and then tracing. All such features are the part of a preschool app and play a vital role to motivate early learners.

  • Utilize the leisure time

Technology has set a trend which has involved the kids with their smartphone devices. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to guide kids about utilization of free time in learning and skillful activities. Kids learning games facilitate you to switch kids from time-wasting to cognitive and memory building games. Google play store is abundant with such stuff including matching cards, puzzle, hide and seek, dodging and many other educational games.

  • Enhance parent-teacher interaction

The parent-teacher communication is vital for ensuring the continuous growth in the performance of the kid. Parents don’t visit their kid school frequently to keep a vigilant eye on his performance, so with the use of educational apps would allow them to be connected with the kid’s teachers. Due to the tough time schedule of the parents as well as teachers, it may not be easy to interact for the purpose of getting the report of kids’ performance. With the help of the educational apps, teachers are capable of knowing the parents’ queries related to the academic performance of their kids. All you need to have is the smartphone that would keep you in constant contact with the teachers who plays a significant role in the growth of the children. It can be said that the access of the educational apps would bring the remarkable benefits for the parents and teachers in the way that it ensures the immense level of transparency pertaining to the growth of the child. In case, the child is having any sort of mental or physical issue, the teacher can easily convey it to the parents so that they can take actions regarding it.

  • Eliminate the gap between parents and teachers:

The technological advancement and unmatchable innovations have changed the dynamics of the world to the greater extent which made the life of the parents and teachers easier as well as complex. This improvement and enhancement on the technological sphere have been able to uproot the fault lines and structural issues that used to surround the education system. There has been the major challenge in the shape of the dearth of connection and interaction between the teachers and the parents. However, the launch of the apps and technological means have the potential to eliminate the gap that used to exist between the students and the teachers. Not only this, but it has also helped to decrease the prevailing distance between the parents and teachers by making them frequently remain in contact and discuss the performance of the child. As the matter of the fact, one can say that owing to these apps, students along with the parents would likely to be informed about every sort of upcoming event, change or alteration in the schedule of the timetable and the most significantly, making an important announcement.

  • Systematic and structural learning

According to the educational research conducted by Harvard University, it was deduced that the smart learning is essential for the laying down of the strong foundation of the child. The next step is the systematic learning which allows the mental growth and ensures skill development of the child based on the strong foundation. The educational app would ensure the incorporation of both these learning. As the matter of the fact, the mobile apps are vital in ensuring the systematic learning specifically. These apps are designed in an effective manner which not only helps in creating the desire for learning on the part of the kid but also enables to get the much-needed systematic learning. The structure and design of the apps are such a system that helps students to move along with the flow as instructed by it. Children may not be able to realize the fact that how much significance these apps can have as far as the mental growth and skill development of them are concerned. Thus, systematic learning is quintessential for the performance enhancement of the children in schools as well in extra-curricular activities.

  • Smartphone apps are highly portable

As the matter of the fact, mobile and smartphones are considered to be the highest form of portable instruments. There has been no difficulty in carrying mobile phones from one place to another as they are highly portable. The mobiles phones are in the constant use by the parents and the students who use it for the multiple purposes. It can be deduced from the given argument that the educational apps and websites must be accessible to the children and the parents no matter where they are and what time it is. One of the important benefits of these apps has been the fact the learning and growth of the children would not likely to be the limited and restricted in the classrooms merely. In today’s version of the world, we all tend to have the smartphones in our hands irrespective of our status and position in the society. Teachers and parents would be able to utilize the technological power in the shape of the mobiles phones by accessing the apps and websites 24/7 for the constant learning and knowledge.

  • Greener and sustainable environment

One of the major problems we face today is the global warming which is partly caused by the cutting down the millions of trees. The cutting of trees has been done in an attempt to produce papers that are needed to make the old process of learning work, i.e., writing on the paper. But now, all you need to do is to download the app for the aim of accessing the education. This would likely to lead towards the green earth for the generations that are to come into this part of the world in future.
Along with that, it has also been concluded that the learning process through mobile phones has a great deal of sustainability and future value. The accomplishment of tasks or lesson through activity apps is better and efficient. It ensures the experience and challenging learning instead of the learning driven by regular, tangible material. The accessibility of the apps and websites would enable you to make the better and greener Earth which is the need of today.

In a nutshell, the need of the day is to proliferate the human abilities by meeting the pace of advance era. Adoption modern mediums of learning are introducing the innovative solutions to those queries which were unaddressed. Even visually and physically impaired people are now more empowered with the support of elearning. However, the benefits and harms depend on usage; so keep a control on your children by monitoring their online activities and direct them in the right way.

Happy Learning!

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