Many spheres of our life require a special system to organize it. Time-management skills have become a must for a successful person, especially for businessmen. We receive dozens of emails, plan business meetings, follow our working tasks and try not to forget about anything important. For this purpose, software developers have created dozens of online organizers that help to store files in one place and keep track of daily correspondence.

It is natural that some new products appear, replacing the old-fashioned tools and programs. This is the reason why many people move from MS Outlook to other services, while other people prefer going back to basics. Whatever the reason is, there is a big challenge ahead – to accurately extract your emails, contacts and personal information from Outlook for further migration. For this purpose, there is a perfect solution for you which is available on site, i.e., Data Extraction Kit for Outlook.

What It Can Do

If you have decided to migrate from Outlook to another service, let us explain the situations when Data Extraction Kit will come in handy:

  1. You need to transfer gigabytes of sufficient correspondence to another mailing client.
  2. You need to export hundreds of useful contacts.
  3. You need to convert any data from Outlook to various formats.
  4. You want to backup account settings and passwords.
  5. You have to make any type of data reports.
  6. You need to archive the information from Outlook, etc.

The good news is that all these situations are easy to handle automatically. You don’t have to spend a single working day or even an hour to make these routine tasks. Believe that your time is precious.

How It Works

Outlook Transfer proved to be a reliable partner for cross-platform migration. It provides users with a universal program for easy conversion of files of different sizes. It applies for different purposes related to work or individual usage.

Data Extraction Kit has a user-friendly interface, which helps everyone to understand how to enable the required actions. To begin with, install the program from the official website and click the “Start” button. You will proceed to the standard window of the program with 3 buttons at the top:

  • Blue for MS Outlook;
  • Orange for PST files;
  • Purple for Reports.

These buttons will help you import the required information from Outlook or PST File to the necessary destination. You can also use this data to create a forensic report.

The program is suitable for many conversion and migration scenarios that allow you to use this tool for many purposes. It easily converts data from PST file into the following formats:


This standard and popular format can be opened on any device with any operating system exactly in the form in which it has been created. The user can configure security settings for his/her file. For example, the prohibition of printing or editing, as well as the use of electronic signatures to secure the information from copying and changing. In this way, it complicates the theft of intellectual property.


The MSG file extension is used for the Outlook message files stored in a format that was developed by Microsoft. It can work for you, when performing a migration from Outlook to Thunderbird, The Bat!, Pegasus Mail, etc.


This format is supported by many Microsoft products. This is a file with the ability to transfer text between different programs. It will be suitable if working in Corel Wordperfect Office, LibreOffice or TextMaker Viewer.


This extension is traditionally used for simple text files. Many applications and text editors running on MS-DOS, UNIX, Windows or Mac OS use the .txt extension for a text file. You can open a TXT file not only on a PC but also on mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and special readers.


Microsoft products, including Outlook and Internet Explorer, work in the EML format. Emails with this extension are processed by Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Aid4Mail, and other mailing clients.


The format is a universal standard for storing personal or business contacts, such as name, email, website address, home address, and phone numbers. These files are often used for import and export, i.e., for the exchange of electronic business cards between various programs or devices and their address books. The VCF file can also be emailed with a message as an attachment.


This is a universal calendar format. It is used by Mozilla Sunbird, Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple iCal. The format allows users to publish and share calendar data online and send it via email.

This is not the full list of formats used by the Data Extraction Kit for Outlook. It also works with HTML, MHT, VCS, and CSV files. The main idea that you can learn from the above-mentioned facts is that such a tool should be on every PC. So, let’s study the available types of license to choose the best one for you.

Available Licensing

If you have no time to read a license agreement, don’t worry – we have drafted some extracts especially for you. First of all, you could use a free trial option without limitation and registration. After the end of the trial period, you can proceed to purchase one of the following licenses:

  • Home license – can be purchased by individuals for private usage. It supports the immediate activation of 5 home gadgets.
  • Business license – can be used for local corporate needs by a limited number of people (up to 50 people).
  • Site license – can be used for corporate needs by up to 100 people.
  • Technical license – can be used to provide technical services for the customers of a certain company. It provides an unlimited number of activations.

All types of licenses are distributed for a fixed period and at a certain price. The program is compatible with all Outlook and Microsoft versions, so you may be sure that it will do the job no matter what happens. Moreover, it is available in many languages like Italian, French, German, Swedish, Japanese, Russian, etc., but the original one is English.

In Conclusion

GlexSoft Company is the software developer of many useful migration and conversion tools. Data Extraction Kit for Outlook is a simple 3-in-1 tool able to make your migration between Outlook and other mailing clients easy and fast. In addition, it converts all the Outlook-related files into a necessary format, which makes it simple to exchange some data and store files in a compact form.

We believe, that in the modern world, every task that can be automated should be automated. Innovations can change both the world and us. However, we can say with confidence that the goal of all inventions is to make our life more comfortable. So, do not waste your time on technical tasks and allow Data Extraction Kit for Outlook to do this job for you!

What are the features that you appreciate most of all in migration tools? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.