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Software development is the biggest market offering many superb opportunities. Moreover, we all can notice the rapid digital transformation that influences all life spheres including healthcare, entertainment, business, and other industries. People are using AI-enabled tools like Gmail or Google that personalize search recommendations without noticing this. However, it is not enough only to get a diploma as a software developer; you need to study a lot to be a sought-after specialist, monitor the latest trends in this niche, etc. Experts from LITSLINK are real professionals in the area of software development. They monitor the latest trends in this area, take additional courses, participate in webinars to build the best apps for their customers.

Let’s review the best trends in the area of software development every programmer should keep in mind.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The rapid development of IoT is one of the latest trends in 2020. Experts in this niche predict that very soon, the global IoT market revenue will reach $1.6 trillion by 2025. Healthcare, construction, and even telecommunication are the main sectors that will surely see the fastest annual growth rates. IoT offers an awful lot of benefits allowing business owners to collect data, prevent equipment breakdown, or even accelerate business processes.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality means a combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Both can influence the development of enterprise applications. The main goal of VR is to create an immersive user experience. AR adds digital content to the physical environment.

Business entrepreneurs working in the areas of tourism, defense, or architecture see business value in this technology. For example, manufacturing businesses can start using 3D modeling in a VR environment in order to enhance their design processes. Government organizations can use VR or AR to train their colleagues. Media companies can also use VR and AR to create engaging content for their users. In this case, the use of both technologies is a game-changer!

Framework Trends for Building Enterprise Applications

Modern technology is continuously evolving; the same happens to programming languages. What frameworks and languages for building enterprise apps will be used in 2021? We shortlisted the most popular ones:

  • JavaScript, including SQL, Python, HTML/CSS, and Java.
  • jQuery is the most widely-used framework including Angular, React, and ASP.NET.
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL will still be much sought-after databases.
  • Kotlin and Swift are the most loved programming languages for building apps on iOS and Android.

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We all can see a rapid development of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the most popular cryptocurrencies. The main goal of blockchain is to offer security options, decentralization, and transparency. The thing is that smart contracts that are using blockchain networks are more transparent. That’s why they are more trusted. In other words, blockchain allows us to make contract distribution faster and easier.

Blockchain has numerous benefits for a variety of industries including software development. Firstly, it can enhance supply chain management. It is clear that supply chain management is a complex process that involves paperwork and a variety of manual processes. Blockchain can significantly streamline these processes.

Another example where blockchain is a must is identity management. It goes without saying that this area also involves a variety of manual processes. Thanks to blockchain, experts in this niche can enhance the Identity and Access Management processes.

Blockchain also offers business owners to run analytics tools on reputable data. Moreover, companies are gradually adopting blockchain in order to protect data from counterfeit.

Big Data

Statistically, the big data market is expected to reach more than $106 billion by 2027. Today, we can see the increased data usage that can be one of the main trends of 2021. Data can be taken from various resources ranging from emails and mobile apps to reviews, call logs, and online archives. That’s why big data processing tools offer lots of benefits such as efficient risk management, predictive analytics, improved lead generation, and better advertising campaigns.

It goes without saying that the world of software development is not bogged down. Mobile applications, AI-enabled programs, 5G, blockchain – all this changes the way we live for the better. All these tech solutions have already been adopted to solve a number of business issues. Besides offering a variety of advantages, they also help organizations reduce costs and meet some specific requirements. In the coming years, all these trends will be quickly adopted in more niches.